Hot Lunch

Premier Kitchen Inc.

Legacy Christian Academy has secured the professional food service management services of Premier Kitchen Inc.  Premier Kitchen Inc. is committed to providing LCA with an exciting and nutritionally-balanced school lunch program. Each lunch meal includes salad, fruit and veggies.  A milk card for milk or juice with a lunch can be purchased from your homeroom teacher in advance or in the lunch room day of.  If you have questions or want to share a comment about the food service program, please contact Lori Rasmussen. 

Order Hot Lunch


PreK – 4th Grade lunch cost = $3.35
5th-12th Grade lunch cost = $3.85
Milk/Juice Card (10 punches) = $4.00
Milk/Juice Individual = $0.40

Additional Info

If your student is going to be gone on a day that you ordered lunch, you can cancel before 8:00 am that morning and receive a credit to your account for the following month. Questions concerning your lunch account can be directed to Teri Pierro in the Business Office.



Please place your order by Tuesday, April 25.

Lunch and Recess Schedules


Lunch                  10:45-11:15

Elementary (Kindergarten-4th Grade)

Recess K-1          M,T,F         10:55-11:20
Recess 2-4          W,Th          11:00-11:20
Recess K-1          W,Th          11:05-11:30
Recess 2-4          M,T,F         11:10-11:30

Lunch K-1          M,T,F          11:25-11:45
Lunch 2-4          W,Th          11:25-11:45
Lunch K-1          W,Th          11:35-11:55
Lunch 2-4          M,T,F         11:35-11:55

Middle School (5th-8th Grade)

Lunch M, T, F            11:00-11:20
Lunch W, Th              10:45-11:10

High School (9th-12th Grade)

Lunch M, T, F           12:10-12:30
Lunch W, Th             12:10-12:40