College Credit

Advanced Placement

AP courses are college level courses that allow a student to receive high school credit with the possibility of college credit. Each course culminates with the advanced placement tests administered nationally each spring. Scores on these tests range from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest. Colleges vary in the placement and/or credit they award for performance on these tests. Usually colleges will grant placement in an upper division course or college credit for scores of 3, 4 or 5. However, in every instance the award of placement and/or credit is up to the individual college. Any students receiving a grade lower than a C at the end of the first semester may be moved to a regular section of the class at the start of the second semester. Students need to have at least a cumulative GPA of 3.2 to enroll in these courses. Options: AP US History, AP English Literature, AP European History.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO)

PSEO is a program open to Minnesota’s high school juniors and seniors allowing them to take college courses while they are in high school, at no additional cost to the student. Legacy offers on-site PSEO (college courses taught by Legacy instructors) and online PSEO (college courses taught by a University of Northwestern-St. Paul professor through an online learning format). It is important to note that taking a PSEO course will impact both a student’s college and Legacy transcript and GPA. LCA students enrolling in these courses can expect the rigor of a college course and at the same time receive both high school and, for those students completing the course with a C- or higher, college credit. LCA does not allow for full-time PSEO students. Students need to have at least a cumulative GPA of 3.2 to enroll in these courses.

On-Site PSEO (On Legacy’s Campus)

Legacy is partnering with the University of Northwestern-St. Paul to offer courses to qualified juniors and seniors on Legacy’s campus. Approved and trained by the University of Northwestern, Legacy instructors teach these courses during the school day. The syllabus and textbook are determined by Northwestern and equivalent to what is taught at Northwestern to college students. LCA students enrolling in these courses can expect the rigor of a college course and at the same time receive both high school and, for those students completing the course with a C- or higher, college credit. These courses may fulfill LCA required classes/credits for graduation. A student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher, score an 18 on his or her PLAN test, and meet class prerequisites to enroll in these courses. Students have two weeks to drop an on-site PSEO class without penalty. Applications are due to Mrs. Lunderby by May 15.On-Site Options: MAT1126 Precalculus; MAT1005 Math for the Liberal Arts; MAT2122 Calculus; ENG1105 Composition; LIT1100 Literature, PHE1065 Lifetime Fitness and Wellness; PHI2005 Introduction to Philosophy; SPA1002 Beginning Spanish 2

Online PSEO (Online only)

Online PSEO classes will only count towards elective credit at LCA. Students are only allowed 1 elective credit per year. Students are only allowed to take 1 online class per semester and classes must be approved by Legacy. Applications are due to Northwestern by July 1.

The following guidelines have been adopted at Legacy for students participating in online PSEO through the University of Northwestern-St. Paul:

  1. Online PSEO courses taken by students may count toward the elective credits required to graduate. The online PSEO courses approved for Legacy students are located at the very end of the 9th-12th Grade Course Description and Registration Guide. Courses that are not approved will not be granted Legacy credit.
  2. Each PSEO credit will count as .25 Legacy credit. Up to one Legacy credit per year can be earned through online PSEO.
  3. Juniors and seniors who are on track with graduation credits will be limited to one online PSEO class per semester. LCA students may only have one period per semester dedicated to online PSEO classes. Students will have a scheduled class period during which to work on the online PSEO class.
  4. Students who successfully complete an online class will receive college credit at the University of Northwestern-St. Paul and high school credit on their Legacy transcript. There is no guarantee that the credits will transfer seamlessly to other colleges. However, Northwestern credits are generally transferable, and they have developed classes for their PSEO program that have high transferability.
  5. The grade earned in the online course will be calculated as a part of the cumulative LCA GPA. If a student fails a PSEO online course, the “F” will appear on the Legacy transcript and be calculated into a student’s GPA. The “F” will also appear on the University of Northwestern-St. Paul’s transcript.
  6. The start and end dates for the Northwestern online PSEO classes do not coincide with the LCA semester dates. The student will be required to begin the class outside of school time and fulfill all deadlines set by the University of Northwestern. If the student has been scheduled to work on the PSEO class in the Media Center and completes the class, they would then have a Study Hall.
  7. If students desire to drop their online PSEO course without consequences, it must be done within the first week of its Northwestern start date.
  8. Students will be required to have a check-in meeting quarterly with the Guidance Counselor for accountability purposes.
  9. Students need to have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher and score at least an 18 on his or her PLAN to enroll in online PSEO courses.
  10. The family will pay full tuition at LCA and will be credited a determined amount per online PSEO semester credit after LCA has received the student transcript indicating grade and credits following the completion of the course. All other LCA fees still apply.
  11. It is the family’s responsibility to fill out the appropriate state PSEO and University of Northwestern-St. Paul forms and submit them by the deadline. These forms will be provided by Legacy.

Students and parents should take the following factors into consideration when thinking about taking online PSEO courses:

  • The online environment is predominantly independent learning and will require students to be self-motivated and mature since they will be responsible for their learning.
  • While the format of the online classes is non-traditional and flexible, students should expect to be challenged and have nightly and/or weekly homework, tests, projects, or papers. Students must be disciplined to follow the designed scope and sequence of the course in order to be successful.
  • The University of Northwestern has policies and procedures for the completion of online work, grading, tests, late work, and other educational practices and do not necessarily follow the same policies and procedures as Legacy. Therefore, parents and students need to understand and agree to follow the institution’s designed curriculum.
  • While Legacy will help in the enrollment process of these courses and include this coursework on a student’s transcript, the student and parents will primarily be dealing with the online instructor and Northwestern. It is critical to understand the expectations for communication and also realize that online education is different from a traditional classroom experience. The majority of communication will occur electronically, so students and parents need to understand and follow the procedures designed by the partnering institution to ensure success.