Afternoon Session

Financial Literacy

Instructor:  Mr. C. Anderson

Step into this course specifically designed for high school students to understand the importance of the financial world, including planning and managing money wisely. Financial Literacy places great emphasis on problem solving, reasoning, representing, connecting, and communicating financial data.

With only graduating from high school five years ago, Mr. Anderson can totally relate to the crazy and overwhelming feeling of being financially illiterate. He will be teaching students some of the things that he has learned over the last five years, as well as a lot of things that he wishes he had learned in high school revolving around money.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Becoming A Woman of Strength

Instructor:  Ms. Biermaier

While studying the women of the Bible, we will reflect on the characteristics of godly women. We will discuss how to relate to others and ourselves with both mercy and truth. We will anchor our identity in Christ and find our value in being fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator. Required to bring Bible, highlighter, a journal, pens, and pencils of your choosing.

We will cover:

Loving my body (shaking off the world’s expectation of body image). Writing a letter to God.

Loving my personality (shaking off peer pressure). Writing letters to those who have influenced me for good or bad.

Loving my redemption (I am forgiven for the mistakes I have made and I can turn them into a testimony). Writing a letter to my past self.

Loving my future (I will seek Him for my future and I will walk out the future that God has for me). Writing a letter to my future self.

My Legacy (what are the things I want to be known for in my life)? Creating a collage poster or other creative project expressing your personal goals and what you desire to become as you move forward from today.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  $15

Bullet Journaling

Instructor:  Lauren Block, Grace Moore, and Julia Kotelevskaya

A Bullet Journal (BuJo) is a simplistic, analog (non-digital) system of quickly coordinating and streamlining all of the chaotic aspects of one’s life in order to be more mindful, organized, efficient, productive, and thus capable of reaching one’s goals. This seminar will demonstrate, discuss, and practice daily the basic system of Bullet Journaling, with the desired outcome that students will utilize this method beyond Winterim to become more organized, more focused, and better able to realize the meaningfulness of the present. 

This is a student-taught Winterim course. 

Prequisites:  Students must purchase a notebook and at least one black pen. Recommendations and prices will be shared with those who sign up for the class.

Cost:  Purchase of a notebook and black pen(s).

Physics Force 2.0

Instructor:  Mr. Coleman

All of the things you always wanted in science class. Hands-on construction, explosions, high-speed projectiles, fire, and excitement. We will be constructing 3-4 intense physics demonstrations including a cannon that shoots projectiles at the speed of sound, a rail gun, and simple remote controlled airplane, and more. We will also be learning about the science that makes all of these physics phenomena possible. At the end of the week students will be competing in an engineering challenge on the final day. It is going to be an adventure that takes engineering and physics to the next level.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  $30

Voice Above the Crowd

Instructor:  Mr. Davis

P.A. Announcing – what it takes to do well! (Also loosely applies to public speaking in general.) Students can become officially certified (NASPAA). In this course, you will learn about expectations of announcers, event prep, sportsmanship, music selection, script writing, audience engagement, vocal techniques, and you will receive behind-the-mic experience and practice with live sound.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Biblical Mapping: Walk In His Dust and Sit At His Feet

Instructor:  Mr. Ferret

Many Christians today are very unfamiliar with the geography and customs of ancient Israel. However, if one reconnects to that ancient culture by putting the Bible back into its historical context, our understanding of the Bible explodes in meaning and relevance. We begin to see and hear Jesus just like they did 2000 years ago. This Winterim class will help you reconnect to those times and to ancient Israel. Each day you will do a map study of a specific Bible event using some of the best Bible maps available. This will be enhanced with images and videos from the land of Israel. This will open a window to the Bible that will verify, clarify, add, enhance, and bolster your understanding of God’s word and the Good News of the Kingdom. In addition, you will watch a video each day that relates to the idea of what a disciple was in Jesus’ day. After the video you will also do a personal devotional each day that will add to what you learned in the video faith lesson. This will challenge you and take you deep into His word as you come to grips with what Jesus meant to go and make disciples.   

Prequisites:  None

Cost:  $25 to cover the cost of biblical maps used daily and the book, “Discovery Guide: In the Dust of the Rabbi,” by Ray Vander Laan.

Gangsters vs. Mobsters  

Instructor:  Mr. Nelson

This class will identify the major differences between the Mafia and Gangsters during the 1920s and 1930s. We will follow the rise of the five families in New York with Lucky Luciano becoming the father of Organized Crime to Al “Scarface” Capone taking over Chicago with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. It will also highlight how the St. Paul Police Department created a safe haven for some of the FBIs most wanted gangsters such as John Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, and Alvin “Creepy” Karpis & the Barker Brothers.

Prerequisites: Students must choose a gangster for their FBI File and poster and be able to present preliminary research (thesis) on why that gangster should be on “America’s Most Wanted” list.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  $35 for Gangster Tour

More Than A Game

Instructor:  Mr. Nydam

Strategy, personal interaction, humor, and negotiation are all skills that are important aspects of dominating your friends in any game you play. So what’s in a game? As you peel away the layers of board gaming, you will see that there are many aspects that you may never have thought about before. How many players is best? What path is the most optimal to win the game? How does the art add or distract from the feel of the game? Is this an area-control, set-collection, card drafting, hand management, tile placement or deck building game? And it doesn’t end there.

In this class, we will investigate not only these aspects of games but also will be spending time playing games and evaluating why certain games are popular. We will also be learning why Minneapolis is one of the top board gaming communities in the nation! Owning over 200 board games, Mr. Nydam has a passion for sharing his love of board games with others. Choose this experience if you want to find out what’s More than a Game.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None