Afternoon Session

A Chemical Logic Puzzle

Instructor:  Mrs. Behrens

Students will learn about the solubility rules, characteristics of acids and bases, and then apply them to find the identity of an unknown solution based on mixing it with other known solutions and seeing what reactions occur and don’t occur.

Prequisites:  None.

Cost:  $25 to cover the cost of the chemicals that will be used. It is assumed that students have and will bring their own safety goggles to wear. Other lab safety equipment will be provided.

Write Your Own Sketch!

Instructor:  Mrs. Brown

Have you ever watched a sketch from “Studio C”, or a YouTube video that is so creative that you wish you had thought of it? We are going to be creating sketches this week and performing them at the end of the week. They will be live, but they can be from any genre:  drama, comedy, romance, tragedy, satire, etc. Join us as we put our creativity, acting, and producing skills to work with this awesome class!

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Physics Force 2.0

Instructor:  Mr. Coleman

All of the things you always wanted in science class. Hands-on construction, explosions, high-speed projectiles, fire, and excitement. We will be constructing 3-4 intense physics demonstrations including a cannon that shoots projectiles at the speed of sound, a rail gun, and simple remote controlled airplane, and more. We will also be learning about the science that makes all of these physics phenomena possible. At the end of the week students will be competing in an engineering challenge on the final day. It is going to be an adventure that takes engineering and physics to the next level.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  $30

Foundations in Personal Finance

Instructor:  Mr. Davis

“Foundations in Personal Finance” is a student adaptation of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Mr. Ramsey offers a faith-based perspective to personal finance. From basic budgeting to college planning, the class will provide the foundations needed for students to be empowered to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives. Through a digital subscription, students will also gain long-term access to topics of interest to them that might not otherwise be addressed during the timeframe of the Winterim class.

Prerequisites:  Information will be provided on how to set up your digital account before the first class.

Cost:  $40 for the student workbook and digital access

Biblical Mapping: Walk In His Dust and Sit At His Feet

Instructor:  Mr. Ferret

Many Christians today are very unfamiliar with the geography and customs of ancient Israel. However, if one reconnects to that ancient culture by putting the Bible back into its historical context, our understanding of the Bible explodes in meaning and relevance. We begin to see and hear Jesus just like they did 2000 years ago. This Winterim class will help you reconnect to those times and to ancient Israel. Each day you will do a map study of a specific Bible event using some of the best Bible maps available. This will be enhanced with images and videos from the land of Israel. This will open a window to the Bible that will verify, clarify, add, enhance, and bolster your understanding of God’s word and the Good News of the Kingdom. In addition, you will watch a video each day that relates to the idea of what a disciple was in Jesus’ day. After the video you will also do a personal devotional each day that will add to what you learned in the video faith lesson. This will challenge you and take you deep into His word as you come to grips with what Jesus meant to go and make disciples.   

Prequisites:  None.

Cost:  $25 to cover the cost of biblical maps used daily and the book, “Discovery Guide: In the Dust of the Rabbi,” by Ray Vander Laan.


Instructor:  Dr. Lohse

For centuries, people have gathered in their communities at the table, and around the campfire to tell their stories.  Storytelling is crucial in shaping cultures and framing the human experience. While some of our methods of storytelling have changed to include social media and other technology, our drive to share and learn hasn’t.  In the photography course, prepare to learn the art and science of photography as a medium for story telling and expression. In addition to taking photos, we will also dive into photo editing and creating an artist statement.  At the end of this course, you’ll have a handle on how to tell the story you are experiencing, and even master the selfie. All cameras (including phones) and all students are welcome.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Menticide: Propaganda, Mass Delusion, & Brainwashing

Instructor:  Mr. McGowan

It is often said, “students should be allowed to make up their own minds.” However, how can students truly make up their own minds if they are hijacked by various bias-laden messages and narratives that bombard them from almost every angle? Critically thinking about what one’s own beliefs are is crucial for “making up your own mind,” but equally crucial is the ability to recognize, evaluate, and resist any and all attempts to highjack “your own mind” before it is made in the image of someone else’s agenda.

In this course, we will examine the nature and effect of Propaganda on the individual, how that effect exaggerates among the masses, various methods of Brainwashing, and how to become aware of and resist Propagandists and Brainwashers. This course will be discussion-based, focusing primarily on readings from “The Manipulated Mind” by Denise Winn. Students in this course will be required to purchase this book – either paperback or ebook – prior to the Winterim term ($10 Kindle ebook | $20 paperback). There will be required pre-reading work to be done before the first day of Winterim. There will be reading assignments for each day of the Menticide Course.


  • Purchase “The Manipulated Mind”
  • Pre-reading section, prior to 1st day of class (see: Menticide Moodle Page)

Cost:  The purchase of “The Manipulated Mind” – $20 paperback, ISBN-13: 978-1883536220


Gangsters vs. Mobsters  

Instructor:  Mr. Nelson

This class will identify the major differences between the Mafia and Gangsters during the 1920s and 1930s. We will follow the rise of the five families in New York with Lucky Luciano becoming the father of Organized Crime to Al “Scarface” Capone taking over Chicago with the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. It will also highlight how the St. Paul Police Department created a safe haven for some of the FBIs most wanted gangsters such as John Dillinger, Bonnie & Clyde, and Alvin “Creepy” Karpis & the Barker Brothers.

Prerequisites: Students must choose a gangster for their FBI File and poster and be able to present preliminary research (thesis) on why that gangster should be on “America’s Most Wanted” list.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  $35 for Gangster Tour

More Than A Game

Instructor:  Mr. Nydam

Strategy, personal interaction, humor, and negotiation are all skills that are important aspects of dominating your friends in any game you play. So what’s in a game? As you peel away the layers of board gaming, you will see that there are many aspects that you may never have thought about before. How many players is best? What path is the most optimal to win the game? How does the art add or distract from the feel of the game? Is this an area-control, set-collection, card drafting, hand management, tile placement or deck building game? And it doesn’t end there.

In this class, we will investigate not only these aspects of games but also will be spending time playing games and evaluating why certain games are popular. We will also be learning why Minneapolis is one of the top board gaming communities in the nation! Owning over 200 board games, Mr. Nydam has a passion for sharing his love of board games with others. Choose this experience if you want to find out what’s More than a Game.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Baby Quilt For New Life Family Services  

Instructor:  Mrs. Oberg

We will make a 36-inch square baby quilt to be given to New Life Family Services for donation to a mother choosing to keep her baby. We will not quilt by machine. Instead, we will tie the top, the batting, and the backing together with yarn.

When the student completes the baby quilt, he/she can begin the creation of another quilt to keep or for donation.


  •         Basic experience with a standard sewing machine.
  •         Bring a sewing machine capable of a straight stitch (nothing complex needed) to school and leave it here the week. (A limited number of machines will be available to those without access to one. You must contact Mrs. Oberg BEFORE registering to reserve a machine.)

Cost:  $25 to use pre-purchased materials.

Woodworking and Home Improvement

Instructor:  Dr. Ruf

Ever wonder how you were going to fix the hole in the sheetrock that you and your friends made, or wanted to hang some pictures in your room so they actually stayed up? Have you ever wanted to say, “I made this in woodworking lab.” Well, if so, we have the class for you. Learn some basic home improvement skills and build some small woodworking projects, along with learning about the basic materials and processes used in them.

Prerequisites:  None

Costs:  $10.00 (includes safety glasses)


Backcountry Basics

Instructor:  Mrs. Vance

In this course, students will be introduced to backpacking in the backcountry! Students will learn the basics about how to prepare and plan a trip, pack, set up a campsite, navigate with map and compass, utilize knots, and respond to injuries in the wilderness. This hands-on course will give you lots of practical skills for your next outdoor adventure. The final day of the course will include practice and application of some of the skills learned earlier in the week with a field trip to a local outfitter.   

Prerequisites:  None

Bring laptop (for trip planning)

Cost:  $10 for field trip and gear costs