Morning Session

Landscape, Canvas, Go!  

Instructor:  Mr. Anderson

This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of landscape painting on stretched canvas. Students will explore the techniques used to paint landscapes; how to select, use and care for brushes; and how to paint using acrylics. Historical and contemporary landscape paintings will be used to reference this painting genre and students will learn how landscape paintings are ‘constructed’ with paint. Basic color theory and paint mixing is taught. Students will also learn how to paint from an easel and how to paint from a reference image.

Prerequisites:  No specific prerequisites required. A sketchbook for basic note taking and sketching rough drafts is highly encouraged.

Cost: $20 Landscape painting kit includes: basic brush set and pre-stretched and gessoed canvas. (Mr. Anderson will build this kit for you before the course begins. Prompt payment will ensure you receive a kit. Paints will be provided.)

Becoming a Woman of Strength

Instructor:  Ms. Biermaier

While studying the women of the Bible, we will reflect on the characteristics of godly women. We will discuss how to relate to others and ourselves with both mercy and truth. We will anchor our identity in Christ and find our value in being fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator. Required to bring Bible, highlighter, a journal, pens, and pencils of your choosing.

We will cover:

Loving my body (shaking off the world’s expectation of body image). Writing a letter to God.

Loving my personality (shaking off peer pressure). Writing letters to those who have influenced me for good or bad.

Loving my redemption (I am forgiven for the mistakes I have made and I can turn them into a testimony). Writing a letter to my past self.

Loving my future (I will seek Him for my future and I will walk out the future that God has for me). Writing a letter to my future self.

My Legacy (what are the things I want to be known for in my life)? Creating a collage poster or other creative project expressing your personal goals and what you desire to become as you move forward from today.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  $15

Whole Foods Cooking

Instructor:  Mrs. Christian

Students will learn to cook “from scratch.” Each day, we will prepare a different meal/dish and learn to use several different kitchen tools and unique fresh ingredients. We will use alternative flours (almond and coconut) and experiment with recipes from popular diets (such as Paleo and Keto). We will also examine these diets and determine differences and the pros and cons of each one.  

Prerequisites:  None

Costs:  $35 to cover the cost of food for the week

Note: We will be cooking with nuts, eggs and dairy.

Professional Skills 101

Instructor:  Mrs. Compton

Preparing for any job interview can very well be one of the most important and stressful times in your life. Landing the perfect job can be a challenge, but with the practice and information you can easily overcome this challenge.

Just a little preparation and thought ahead of time can have positive effects on your interviewing skills. This course will go over the issues and provide an analysis of the interviewing process. This course can help you prepare successfully for any job interview!

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Self Defense

Instructor:  Mr. Frauly

Mr. Frauly, a WTF Certified 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo, and professional martial arts instructor will give hands on training for all students in self-defense. Expect a fun course where students will learn how to use their strength to protect others and to defend themselves as necessary.

Prerequisites:  Athletic clothing

Cost:  None

The Guerrilla Video Production Course

Instructor:  Mr. Jones

We are going to make a video, Guerrilla style, fast and furious. First we’ll deconstruct a video we like, figure out what they did, and then build our own version. SPOILER: this could ruin watching movies forever like a normal human. BUT, if you like abnormal … (applause).

This course will uncover and put to work the core values of storytelling, lighting, grip, audio, and camera departments. We will experience the three film production phases; pre-production, production, and post-production. We will make a video together. We will laugh, discover, and be inspired.

Making videos is making worlds. We need all types of savvy people:  tech, actor, visual, detail, writer, athletic, fashion, make-up, unicorns, etc. We have a limited class size so don’t wait to sign-up.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

How To Be A Superhuman

Instructor: Mr. Dwight Nelson

In a world where cloning, human genetic engineering, and age reversal are no longer science fiction but science fact, biohacking has become a reality.

But nutritional biohacking has been around for 75 years. Many of the practices will shock you, surprise you, and perhaps change your life.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Impromptu Speaking: A Fate Worse Than Death?

Instructor:  Mr. Piper

Students will learn to plan and perform a variety of short speeches, each prepared and performed in limited timeframes. Group discussion, individual coaching, and group and individual practice time will focus on (1) brainstorming, selecting, and organizing ideas; (2) learning techniques for opening, closing, and making transitions within speeches; and (3) using voice, posture, and gesture to connect and communicate with audiences.

Prerequisites:  None

Cost:  None

Cooking in a Cup

Instructor:  Mrs. Putz  

This class will involve cooking up nutritious and fun food that a college student could cook up quickly on the way to class. We will be making recipes that you can actually cook in a coffee cup. This will include breakfasts, lunches, suppers, and, of course, dessert. We will end the week with a surprise cook off. The first day we will plan to go over the basics in the kitchen, expectations, and then make a snack. This class will be graded on participation, not on the results of your cooking.

Prerequisites:  Bring two coffee mugs.

Cost:  $25.00 (any money left over will go to Mercy Works, a food shelf at Meadow Creek Church).

Cultural Experience

Instructor:  Mr. Schultz

This class will give students the chance to experience cultures that are different from their own.  Students will not only get a chance to see the wide differences that exist between cultures but also the similarities that can bring us together. Participants in this class will experience a different culture every day through food, traditions, guest speakers from the culture we are experiencing, and more!

Prerequisites:  Read Chapter 1 of “God in the Alley” prior to the beginning of the first day of class.


$13 for the purchase of the book, “God in the Alley: Being and Seeing Jesus in a Broken World” (Author – Greg Paul)

Lunch money – the class MAY be going out to lunch as part of the cultural experience


Instructor:  Mr. Wiens

The students will use to learn the basics of one new computer programming language each day. Code Academy is a self-paced, interactive website that allows the user to learn for free. Each day will start with a short history of the language, as well as a brief explanation of where and how the language is used currently. The rest of the class will be spent on the computers, following the website’s direction. By the end of the week, the students will be able to explain a little bit about each language and how/where it is used. They will also understand the basic structure of each language and have a cursory understanding of how to actually code with it.

Prerequisites:  Fully charged computer each day

Cost:  None