Summer Reading/Assignments 2018

Bible, Student Council

Biblical Worldview (12th Grade)

Student Council

Summer Reading Philosophy

Reading is a fundamental life skill, and it can also be a pleasurable and rewarding activity. The LCA English Department cares greatly about fostering in our students the enjoyment of quality literature as well as helping them achieve academic gains across all disciplines.  Studies show that people who read more become stronger readers and writers, and have better vocabulary and spelling skills. Independent reading outside the classroom is just as important as guided reading inside the classroom in developing these skills. Our goal is for all students to take ownership of their reading and know the pleasure of independence.

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Half Price Books Summer Reading Program

Anoka County Library Summer Reading Program

5th & 6th Grade English

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Welcome to 6th Grade!

Book List and Reading Chart

7th & 8th Grade English

English 7

English 8

Honors English 8

High School English

English 9

Honors English 9

English 10

Honors English 10

English 11-12 - World Lit/American Lit

UNW English Comp (11th)

UNW English Lit (12th)

Grades 9-12 Summer Reading Summary