Fall 2013 -- Hamlet

One of Shakespeare’s finest and most produced plays, Hamlet weaves a tale of intrigue, mystery, and revenge. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, comes home from abroad to find his father, the king, dead, and his mother remarried to his uncle. He immediately suspects foul play and with his friend Horatio, embarks on a quest to find the truth and avenge his father’s death. This story is one that transcends time and speaks to all of us with the all-important universal theme that pervades all of Shakespeare’s work – finding truth and light in a duplicitous, deceitful, dark world.

Much preparation and training went into preparing for this play. The cast received special stage combat training from one of the best fight choreographers in the Twin Cities; they have studied the difficult Shakespearean language and translated it into modern language for our modern audiences.

This play was not to be missed. It was truly a beautiful reflection of what a great, creative artist our Lord is.