Past Productions (2012-13)

Spring 2013 -- Fiddler on the Roof

Fall 2012 -- The Crucible

One of the most powerful plays in American theater, The Crucible tells the story of John Proctor and his struggle to do what is right in the face of evil during the Salem witch trials in the 17th century. But this play is not about witchcraft–it is about seeking truth and those characters who find it, find forgiveness and redemption. It asks the question: What is real, true Christianity? The all important theme of the story? Doing what is right and good in the face of evil and tremendous social pressures–rising over adversity and standing for truth even to deathThis play challenges us to look at ourselves and our own motivations as Christians. Through Proctor’s struggle, we see the struggle in our own hearts. Many times we have witnessed some wrong happening to some other person and wish not to get involved. As we watch this story unfold, we realize that the witchcraft that people are accused of is nonexistent; the evil comes from jealousy, greed, hypocrisy, fear, hysteria, suspicion, rumor, and accusation with no grace or mercy… we are challenged as Christians to see the destruction and do what is different and right and just and true.