Community Fridays

Interest Groups

Takes, Takes, Takes

Leader: Mr. Tom Keefe

Time: 11:00am

Description: This week in Takes, Takes, Takes we will be discussing the top 30 players in the NBA, and who you would want on your team.

ZOOM Link Meeting ID: 940 0781 2891 Password: 2F313L

Open Studio – CANCELED Friday May 15

Leader: Dr. Lohse, Mr. Anderson, Miss Buchelt

Time: 1:00pm

Description: Join Ms. Buchelt, Mr. Anderson and Dr. Lohse as we grab our art supplies, work on our own projects, chat, talk art, hang out and host LCA OPEN STUDIO!

ZOOM LINK Meeting ID: 935 3754 8334 Password: 054365

Kitchen Experiments

Leader: Miss Carissa Nelson

Time: 11:00am

Description: Join Ms. Nelson for fun experiments you can do from your kitchen!

ZOOM Link Meeting ID: 306 888 835 Password: Nelson

Past sessions of Kitchen Experiments are available on Miss Nelson’s YouTube Channel:

Book Club: Hinds Feet on High Places

Leader: Miss Becki Biermaier

Time: 11:00am

Description: Hinds Feet on High Places is my absolute favorite book. It’s an allegory about a woman who is pursued by God to go to the high places. Join us, if you love adventure and are up for an easy read that you won’t be able to put down. ISBN 978-1-61720-005-2.

ZOOM Link Meeting ID: 774 8204 7986 Password: 015718

Let's Get Social!

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We would love to see how you are taking part in the different activities on Community Fridays! Take a picture or video and post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use the #TogetherWeCan and #LCARoars. Tag @legacy_mn so we can share the awesome things you are doing! No social media, no problem! Email us your pictures or videos and we can share for you!

There are so many ways for our awesome community to stay SOCIALLY connected as we remain physically distant. Our great God has created us to be relational in nature. Building strong relationships is a core value of our school and we are committed to connecting with all of you through a challenging time. We can’t wait to see you participate in these different activities!

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