Cost: $5.9 Million

33,000 square feet, 3 stories

  •     Technology/Engineering Lab
  •      2 Science Labs
  •      Athletic Locker Rooms
  •      Weight Room
  •      Business Entrepreneurship Center
  •      2 Art Studios
  •      Band Room
  •      Choir Room
  •      3 Music Practice Rooms
  •      Ceramic/Kiln Room
  •      Flexible learning and social gathering space

Main Level

The new Technology and Engineering Lab and Business Entrepreneurship Center give our students the cutting edge spaces they need to make real world connections, explore career opportunities, and experience the practical application of life skills.   

Legacy is committed to prepare students to be leaders in science and technology. The new science labs are designed to promote an atmosphere of hands-on, experiential learning and scientific exploration.

Upper Level

A new facility will allow us to better meet the learning and developmental needs of our students, to be more marketable for enrollment growth, and to remodel other areas of the building in the future.

The high ceilings, natural light, and acoustically engineered rooms will inspire students to creatively experience and express God’s world.

Lower Level

The addition of new locker rooms and an expansive weight room will serve to enhance our athletic program. LCA’s competitive sports seek to promote team building, self-discipline, perseverance, and character in our students.