It’s that time of year again! YEARBOOKS are now on SALE for PreK-12th grade! We’re pleased to announce that ALL Yearbooks can be purchased from the same website this year!


  • Elementary softcover book (Grades PreK-4): $20
  • Middle school softcover book (Grades 5-8): $35
  • Middle school and high school hardcover book (Grades 5-12): $60
  • Spring Supplement: add $10 to the above prices**

Deadline extended to end of the day on Thursday, January 28!

**The Spring Supplement includes the events that happen after our spring publication date (Prom, Graduation, spring sports, etc.) and are given out the following fall.

“The Yearbook this year is being made by a talented, good-looking, smart, and funny group of lads and ladesses that you will undeniably find charming. They have worked diligently on this prized work that will be placed into your child’s beautiful fingers in May. The marvelous memories rooted deep in the recesses of their being will be theirs forever!” ~ High School Yearbook Student Staff (direct quote)

Elementary Yearbook Cover for 2015-16
Elementary Yearbook Cover for 2015-16