It was a great night for the many middle school students that came to the Crossfire Christmas Party! Hopefully by now the sugar from the frosting is wearing off! There was great creativity in the wrapping contest – from wrapping their friend in a box, to sitting in a chair, to using stockings for the feet, to TOILET PAPER!!! Each team was very inventive and deserved to win!
MS_CF_Christmas1The winning team of the Human Wrapping Contest is … Peyton C., Josh B., Parker S., Cooper M, and Nikki J





2nd Place (tie) – Megan N., Mia P., Grace C., Libby M., Hannah C., Morgan E., Ari S., and Hailey O., & Austin S., Jeremy D., Taaron R., and Jackson M.
Check out these photos!
MS_Christmas5MS_Christmas4MS_Christmas3MS_Christmas2MS_Christmas1MS_Christmas MS_CF_Christmas6 MS_CF_Christmas5 MS_CF_Christmas4 MS_CF_Christmas3 MS_CF_Christmas2 MS_CF_Christmas