The 2016 Band and Choir tour kicked off on Sunday February 14, with a local peformance at Hope Fellowship of Ramsey, my home church. Hope Fellowship does not often get groups to come in, so this was a real treat. A number of people at my church expressed their gratitude for the choir singing and were truly blessed by the performance. After the service, we continued on that day to our farthest destination to the lower part of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in Iron Mountain.

Monday was our free day and the students had an opportunity to ski, snowboard, inner-tube, and just hang out. It was a perfect day for outdoor activities and we made the most of it.

Tuesday was an early morning rise and we were off to our 2nd performance. We traveled to Neeneah, Wisconsin and performed at Fox Valley Christian, a Pre-12 school of just over 200 students. We performed in the sanctuary of the church and the youngest students in the audience were really bouncing to a number of the songs. It was funny to watch the teachers try to control their movement. Pretty tough to do when we were initiating the clapping in “Heaven’s Gate” and playing a medley from “Aladdin”.

We quickly had to tear down and get on the road to our next destination in Waupun, Wisconsin at Central Wisconsin Christian. The school was slightly larger with student enrollment around 300, Pre-12. This concert was more relaxed and overall the performance was much better. Going “on the road” is such a valuable experience because it creates situations that we quickly must adapt to and be confident in. It requires everyone’s cooperation and attention to detail and instruction. Each concert preparation got better as students understood what was required. It was truly a blessing to be able to share music and vision with these schools.

After our third concert, we traveled to Wisconsin Dells and stayed at the Kalahari Water Park. We rented a connecting lodge that facilitated everyone under one roof. The students had a few hours to decompress at the Water Park and then came back to the lodge to eat and have a time of worship together. Becca Kirby ’16 and Levi Kendall ’16 shared some scripture and thoughts with the rest of us and then we sang “10,000 Reasons” – very appropriate in reflecting on God’s blessings and provision – thankfulness.

Wednesday brought us on our way back to LCA. On the trip back we stopped at Coulee Christian School in LaCrosse, Wisconsin for our fourth concert. I had debated about squeezing in this performance, thinking that we had performed 2-3 times already. But the school REALLY wanted us to come because they were trying to get a music program started there and asked us to cast some vision for the students. I was somewhat reluctant, but felt God was really calling us to add this to the tour. WHAT A BLESSING! Not only was the school blessed, but it was by far our best performance and I believe that God blessed us for simply being obedient. It was a great way to finish up the tour and teach the kids about obedience to the Lord.

We have had the privilege of going on tour for many years now, and each experience has brought about growth in faith, perseverance in trials, undeserved blessings, good performances, bad performances, hair loss, etc. Touring has always brought about stronger community and an excitement in sharing our talents outside of the community we have here at Legacy. I want to personally thank the administration for supporting the vision we have to move ministry beyond the walls of LCA. We have great opportunities to use the gifts and talents our students have to encourage others, bless and give God the Glory!

Story submitted by Band and Choir Director, Mr. Rolly Rudzitis

It's not all in the snow in Iron Mountain, MI.
It’s not all work…fun in the snow in Iron Mountain, MI.
Performance at Central Wisconsin Christian in Waupun, WI.
Performance at Central Wisconsin Christian in Waupun, WI.
Performance at Fox Valley Christian School and Church in Neeneah, WI
Performance at Fox Valley Christian School and Church in Neeneah, WI

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