The Concert Band, Choir, and Jazz Band students recently took a trip to Orlando, Florida to perform at Universal Studios, a Senior Citizen Assisted Living home, and two other Christian schools. A total of 44 students and 6 chaperones made the trip on March15-22, 2017. The students were kept busy between the concerts; two days at the park, the beach, and free time at the hotel. The temperature was colder than normal on the first day, but the students braved the weather, swimming in the ocean and tanning on the beach, while the locals took to wearing winter jackets.

The weather got progressively warmer and by the last day, our return visit to the beach was much more pleasant. The time spent at Universal Studios was fabulous and the hotel stay was relaxing. Many people that the students encountered along the tour commented on how pleasant, respectful, and mature our students were. From the waiters and waitresses at one of our dinner stops, to the senior citizens at our last concert, each group was greatly appreciative of our Legacy students. Many people were encouraged by our presence and the connection students made with the senior citizens was especially meaningful.

Thank you to the school and the administration for their support of this very significant and relevant educational and missional experience!