There were two Pi Day celebrations at Legacy – one for middle school students and one for high school students. Part of the competition was to see which grade could bring in the most food items for the Meadow Creek Church Food Shelf. Another of the contests was to recite as many digits of Pi as possible. The winners reciting the most digits were:

8th grade:  Taaron Rudzitis – 87 digits!!
11th grade:   Aria Zhang – 221 digits!!!

Total points were:

Middle School Overall

1st:  8th grade – 39 points
2nd:  7th grade – 37 points
3rd:  6th grade – 22 points
4th:  5th grade – 19 points

High School Overall

1st:  11th grade – 37 points
2nd:  12th grade – 29 points
3rd:  10th grade – 28 points
4th:  9th grade – 20 points

Taaron, Aria, and the first place classes have earned a spot on the Pi Day plaque AND a coupon for a “free” math assignment 4th quarter!  Mr. Mulvihill got the pie not once, but twice. Representatives from the class with the most points from middle school and high school got to treat an administrator or math teacher to a pie in the face. Watch the Video from middle school.

Thanks to the math teachers for planning a great Pi Day Celebration!