Even though the 1st-4th grade students are only days from finishing the 2016-17 school year, there is still great learning happening this last week of school. Monday¬†was an exciting day as Mr. Mark Yaeger and Mr. Tom Kelby visited the students again. Back in February during I Love to Read Month, Mr. Yaeger and Mr. Kelby presented an idea to the teachers and students to write a book together. Over the past few months, the students have been writing portions of a book about Billy Muggins, a child who has a unique talent. In this book, the main character has a special talent where his head grows bread instead of hair. The students were involved in writing verses for the character that described his day at school. The students were so creative in how Billy Muggins would use his “hair” to aid students during math, art, and gym class. This brought on great discussions in the writing process as well as how each of us has unique talents that God has blessed us with.

Then in May, Mr. Yaeger and Mr. Kelby visited each class to build the next step in the creation of the book. Because each class had written two verses, the book was read to all the students in its entirety. Mr. Yaeger and Mr. Kelby then visited each class and showed the students how the illustration portion of the book is completed through character sketches.

The students have learned a lot about the book creation process from writing to rewriting and then illustration to publication.