The Lion Hoopers made 145 of their 3-point attempts in the 2018-19 Basketball season. They look to improve that statistic this season, but not for the reasons you might think. Legacy Boys Soccer Coach and Social Studies Teacher, Jon Schultz, was diagnosed with cancer last spring; a diagnosis that would temporarily remove him from the field and the classroom.

Jon Schultz comments on his situation:

“On April 7, I went into the ER around midnight due to severe pain in my abdomen. They took a CT scan and it showed a tumor in my adrenal glad about 7 inches large. They weren’t sure if they would be able to operate on it. We referred ourselves to Mayo to get a second opinion. Mayo said a surgery was mandatory (which was on April 19) and officially diagnosed me with Adrenal Cortical Cancer, a very rare disease. The surgery was fairly invasive but very successful and they believe they got all the cancer. However, for some reason, this type of cancer has a very high rate of return elsewhere in the body so I am on chemotherapy. Traditional chemo is not effective with Adrenal Cortical Cancer so I am on a specific pill form of chemo in which I take two doses a day for at least two years. My first round of scans after the surgery on August 1 showed that my body was completely cancer free, but my blood levels were not where they would like them to be (not enough of the chemo pills to fight potential returning cancer cells). Because of this, they increased my chemo dosage by 60%, which has really taken a toll on my body, making it impossible to work in my current condition. I am now on short-term disability so I, my family, and my team of doctors can get me back to health and re-evaluate my situation and treatment.”

The Boys Basketball team operates under the model, “INVEST.” Head Coach, Nathan Bellefeuille says, “We are constantly talking to our players about investing in themselves, their families, and their communities. Basketball is a platform for us to develop into the young men Christ has called us to be and we will take every opportunity that He lays at our feet to use our platform for His glory.” Servanthood is a core covenant of the Basketball program and the team seeks to serve a coach and teacher they admire.

Senior Soccer and Basketball team Captain, Primeau Hill, states, “Coach Schultz is a reminder to me of the man I want to be in life someday.

Athletics Boys Soccer Prayer
Coach Schultz leads post-game prayer with Senior Soccer players after final regular season game.

A man that is willing to step out in his faith and show that while doing what he loves. He is the definition of what it means to show tenacity both in life and on the soccer field.” This is where the 3’s for Schultz campaign started.

The team is seeking pledges for their campaign and they need your support. Pledges will donate $1 for every 3-pointer the team makes throughout the 2019-20 Boys Basketball season. The team will present the total of funds raised to Coach Schultz, his wife, Hannah, and their son, Dominic, at their end-of-year banquet. The donation is capped at $250 per pledge for the season.

“These pledges would help pay our bills and pay our medical bills that really have no end in sight. Bills tend to add to the stress of an already intense situation,” comments Coach Schultz. “Many people in the Legacy community have already supported me financially and have continued to pray for me. I have felt your prayers in a very literal sense. I am able to act with a sense of strength that I know is not mine or my wife’s because we have pretty much been emptied of everything. BUT God is constant and has not changed. Only our situation has. Praise God for His faithfulness and goodness.”

Join the Boys Basketball team and submit your pledge of $1 for every 3-point shot the team makes this season. Submit your name, address, email address, and phone number to Legacy Boys Basketball Coach and Athletic Director, Nathan Bellefeuille: