Grandparents & Special Friend Appreciation

November 2020

Grandparents and Special Friends Day for PreK thru 4th grade is a longstanding elementary tradition at Legacy Christian Academy. It is a celebration of the value of all generations and the special relationships that exist between them. Although, we will not be able to invite these honored guests on our campus this year, we still want to set apart some time to allow students to show their appreciation for the significant adults in their lives.


Grandparent & Special Friends

Please complete the form below for the Grandparents and Special Friends that your student(s) would like to thank and appreciate this year. Please limit appreciation to 4 adults per family.

We request this information on the form below prior to Monday, November 2nd so we can send them their appreciation surprise.

Grandparents & Special Friends Appreciation

Grandparents & Special Friends Appreciation

Person Submitting Form

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Questions? Contact Sue Happ or call 763-427-4595 with any questions.