The Board as a group will:

  • Work with Administration on developing a schedule for events and meeting dates.
  • Develop a budget, discuss, and take action on “Grant” requests.
  • Decide on funding for student development speakers or events.
  • Review all committee actions.
  • Review and decide on number and type of fundraising, appreciation, and social events, in accordance with Legacy Christian Academy Administration.
  • Keep notes and records of all LPA activity. Distribute updates at Board meetings.

It is understood that each Board member is a full contributor to the organization – they each bring their passion, ideas, energy, and abilities to contribute for the good of the organization; below are merely the roles/functions each member agrees to carry out in their capacity on the Board.



  • Coordinate with Secretary on final agenda for meetings.
  • Write/edit content and run meetings, both LPA Board and LPA community meetings, and be the official spokesperson for the LPA.
  • Act as the general liaison between the LPA and LCA Administration.
  • Be the lead point person for all the committee chairs on the Board, working with each committee chair to assure they have everything they need, are on schedule, etc.
  • Maintain regular communication with the entire Board as to progress on activities within the LPA and general committee updates.


  • Keep the official documents organized in the Google Docs.
  • Ensure documents are reviewed at the beginning of each year for any changes; make revisions and distribute as necessary. If no revisions are necessary, documents to be re-stored on the Google drive.
  • Gather and compile agenda items for meetings; distribute/copy agenda for meetings.
  • Serve as timekeeper at meetings to ensure agenda stays on track; ensure proper voting protocol is followed and documented in the meeting minutes for items that need voting.
  • Document LPA meeting minutes at each meeting, disseminate through email to get approved and file a final copy on the Google drive.
  • Ensure committee meeting minutes get stored on the Google drive.
  • Compile and maintain a database of the Board members, parent members, and volunteers. Distribute volunteer information/reports for those who need it.


  • Stay abreast of the finances and budget of the Association to keep budget on track.
  • Bring an accounting of the balance to each meeting.
  • Collect disbursement reports from the committees and take to LCA for reimbursement.
  • Help coordinate developing a budget.
  • Communicate with Business Office to organize LPA accounts.

Communications Director

  • Facilitate communication to parents through email via designated class/grade parents.
  • Coordinate with Administration to share LPA news and information via Legacy eNews and Legacy website.
  • Determine appropriate use of Legacy logo and photos for publication, including the appearance of students as per the parent-authorized Media Release Form.
  • Proof community-wide LPA communication as written by LPA members.
  • Serve as a liaison between LPA and Legacy Administration.
  • Coordinate possible LPA media opportunities with Administration.


Members At-large

  • Committed to volunteering where needed most, or for at least one LPA committee of their choice throughout the school year.
  • Serve as an ambassador of Legacy Christian Academy and the Legacy Parent Association to foster our Christ-centered culture, promote school spirit, and engage more parents and families in the Legacy community.
  • Assist fellow Board members as needed in accomplishing tasks/goals at hand as their schedule allows.
  • Contribute ideas and share feedback in collaboration with other Board members.

Committee Chairs

  • Attend LPA Board meetings or provide a written update for an attending Board member to report for their committee.
  • Committee Chair will serve as the “go to” person for all the groups under their committee, assisting as needed.
  • Conduct a committee meeting at least once a year, at the beginning of or before the start of the school year, to plan for the year ahead. Then, emails and other meetings as deemed appropriate.
  • Recruit and identify volunteers as needed for events/activities.
  • Each Committee Chair will be given a directory of registered LPA volunteers. Notify the LPA secretary via email: [email protected] of new volunteers.
  • Coordinate and oversee subcommittees and/or events to ensure that the committee is keeping in mind LCA’s direction of “Christ First,” what the overall committee purpose is, and is equipped to be successful in their endeavor.