Legacy’s Christ-centered, student-focused, servant-teacher approach, creates a relational learning environment where students thrive spiritually and academically.

In the midst of being engaged in the learning process, Legacy students come to understand that learning is more than test scores and grades, but ultimately about knowing God. Legacy’s educational culture encourages students to:

  • own their learning
  • ask good questions
  • think critically while searching for truth
  • gain experience working with others
  • develop social and leadership skills
  • acquire the ability to express oneself appropriately

In the process of preparing students for post-secondary opportunities, it is not our goal to shelter students from the world, but rather prepare them to be able to engage the culture they live in, formulate a Christian response to it, and impact their sphere of influence.


  • Caring, Christ-centered community
  • Student-focused, engaging teachers that desire to meet the learning needs of each student
  • Academically challenging curriculum
  • Robust Bible curriculum that helps students own their faith as they develop spiritual disciplines and study theological doctrines and the biblical storyline
  • Ability to gain one full year of college credit
  • State-recognized fine arts programs
  • Variety of Varsity sports, clubs, and school sponsored trips
  • Four years of foreign language offered in Spanish
  • Weekly Chapel
  • Small class sizes
  • Leadership development through community partnerships, opportunities, and mentorships

“If Legacy was a house, it would be a big old farmhouse in the middle of a close-knit small town. The first things you would see if you walked up the path is a big wrap-around porch where dear friends that you’ve had for years welcome you in. If you walked further, you’d find a library full of books, encouraging you to sit awhile and learn all that you can. As you journey through the house, you might stop to chat with the teacher who has meant the world to you, or perhaps with a new acquaintance that is quickly becoming a friend. And the truth is if Legacy was a house, it would be a house that Christ has made his home.” Emma Beyers-Carlson, class of 2009, full ride PhD program at University of Michigan.

The High School Course Guide will be shared with families each spring during the registration process.