Legacy fosters a loving, relational learning environment that encourages students to expand their intellect, develop Christ-like character, and fulfill their God-given potential. Legacy’s Christ-centered, biblically-based curriculum and culture inspires student learning through engaging spiritual, academic, artistic, and athletic programs. Legacy is committed to walk alongside students in their journey to discover their unique God-ordained purpose and to develop both the skills and confidence to serve the broader community and the world.

LCA (and its community) is special because it is investing personally in each student in a way that helps them know and love God and be prepared to live life and influence culture. In its quest to develop the whole child and prepare students academically, LCA understands that to truly be educated and know truth, Jesus and His Word must be at the center. Therefore, education is ultimately a quest to learn about and know God and His world. This quest is rooted in the Bible and focused on Christ. Our prayer is that this quest will lead to Christ-likeness, awaken genuine worship, and cause cultural transformation. Through their academic pursuits, students learn to know and love God and serve others as godly, influential, skilled young men and women.