The Profile of a Legacy Graduate represents our model graduate. This profile was not created as a graduation requirement or a student self-assessment standard, but rather as a tool for accomplishing our mission. Legacy Christian Academy recognizes that achieving this profile in the lives of LCA students is impossible without the commitment of the students and the help of the Holy Spirit. Legacy will partner with parents; create an academically excellent, Christ-centered environment; provide opportunities for growth; and plant the seeds for God to transform and work in the lives of our students. In the same way that God has created all of us with different gifts and abilities, we understand that students will reflect this Profile of a Legacy Graduate in their own unique, God-given way.

Legacy Christian Academy desires and will work toward producing graduates who are biblically grounded, disciples of Christ; God-glorifying, Spirit-led worshippers; intellectually prepared, accomplished learners; morally disciplined, students of character; and faithful and courageous, servant leaders.

  • Biblically grounded, disciples of Christ
    – Attain a working knowledge of Scripture and are biblically literate
    – Make their faith in Christ their own
    – Articulate their beliefs, values, and convictions
    – Know and practice spiritual disciplines
    – Possess a biblical worldview
    – Find joy in knowing God and in pursuing the call of Christ on their life
  • God-glorifying, Spirit-led worshippers
    – See life and all of its activities as worship
    – Follow Christ as Lord and pursue Christ-like living and character
    – Embrace a God-centered, rather than a self-centered, view about life and circumstances
    – Explore and develop God-given gifts and talents
    РTreat their bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit by living a healthy lifestyle and a physically disciplined
  • Intellectually prepared, accomplished learners
    – Possess the ability to read for understanding, think deeply, and articulate complex thought
    – Value and take ownership of learning
    – Solve problems to develop a workable solution
    – Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and listening
    – Understand, use, and apply digital technology while being able to create digital media
    – Succeed in higher levels of learning and their next step in education
  • Morally disciplined, students of character
    – Display integrity and respect
    – Maintain healthy relationships with others while resolving conflicts peacefully and biblically
    – Demonstrate personal responsibility
    – Possess strong work ethic
    – Exhibit spiritual discernment while seeking biblical truth and Christ-like living
  • Faithful and courageous, servant leaders
    – Understand that the model for godly leadership is Christ Himself
    – Serve others by using their abilities and influence to bless people and point them to God
    – Take the initiative to stand up for what is right and true
    – Affect change by influencing and motivating others to accomplish a vision through planning, communicating, and carrying out key decisions
    – See the Christian mission as global in scale while prepared to engage respectfully with cultural differences and opposing value systems
    – Act authentically and grace-filled in their relationships