Be Connected

Our passion at Legacy is to be intentional about helping students and their families feel connected in our community. As you browse through the videos on our site, you’ll notice over and over again the emphasis on the family atmosphere. Everyone wants to know they are loved and feel like they belong. To help new families experience this right from the start, we offer these opportunities to be connected before the first day of school even occurs:

Summer 2018 Class Party List

Although the staff at Legacy do not host the class parties over the summer, we coordinate them so kids can be connected. A parent from each grade offers to host the party. It’s a great chance for current friends to connect after a long summer, as well as offer a place for new students to meet new friends before school starts.

Mentor Program

After finding out the interests of a new student, we match that student up with someone with similar interests. In addition, the parents of that student become mentors for the parents of the new student. We want everyone to feel connected. The role of both the student mentor and the parent mentors is to welcome the new family and introduce them to others. It is our goal that the mentor family would contact the new family from time to time throughout the year, meet them at the class party, and attend the New Family Barbecue and Open House with them. We are thankful to those who are willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

New Family Barbeque

Two days prior to the Open House, new families with students entering K-12th grade are invited to join their mentor families at the New Family Barbecue. This fun event is hosted at the home Ken and Sherri Ruff, a generous alumni family. Their home is on the lake and they graciously grill a delicious dinner and provide a beautiful yard to play yard games in. It’s a really fun time to meet a lot of other new LCA families and mentors.

Volunteer to be a Mentor Family

Our goal is that each new family has an opportunity to be connected at least three times prior to school starting as well as continued relationships throughout the year. We all know that kids thrive academically, spiritually, socially and emotionally when they know they are loved and genuinely cared about. If you are an existing family and would like to partner with us in showing God’s love to others please indicate that on the volunteer form below.

Volunteer Interest Form