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International Students

F-1 International Student (Multiple year program through LCA)

For years, Legacy Christian Academy has enrolled international students from around the world. We value and appreciate the diversity and culture these students bring to our campus. LCA offers a comprehensive International Program that provides students with the support they need to be successful. Our staff and faculty seek to immerse students in American education and the surrounding culture in order to create a more enriching experience.

To ensure our international students have a successful experience, LCA provides the following services:

  • Airport pick up and Arrival Orientation to assist with bank account setup, cell phone services, medical evaluation, student health insurance, and school supplies.
  • Communication between the school, parents, students, and host family/representative.
  • Specialized social activities, outings, and dinners.
  • Ongoing support by our International Coordinator including one-on-one student meetings, cultural adjustment group discussions, and academic performance conferences with students and faculty members.
  • English Language Learner Program.
  • Assistance with arranging a local Homestay with a loving LCA family.

Homestay Program

(Families hosting an international student.)

Legacy continues to develop its International Student Program. As we continue to develop this program, we would like to encourage families to consider hosting an international student (homestay). Homestays are designed to allow international students enrolled in Legacy Christian Academy to experience American culture at its best by living with an American family. In addition, by opening your home to a student from another country, your family will gain a better global understanding and connection to the world. It is a wonderful opportunity to embrace new customs, cultures, and experiences.

J-1 Exchange Student

(One year exchange through third party sponsors.)

Legacy also offers foreign exchange students the opportunity to come to Legacy for one school year and live with a host family.

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