Past Productions

Totally Red - Winter 2023

A Student Directed One-Act

A colorful cast of beloved characters guided the audience in a humorous, 30 minute retelling of the beloved fable, Little Red Riding Hood, told in five theatrical styles: traditional storybook, melodrama, Elizabethan, 80s Hip Hop, and avante-garde all led by a student director!

Tarzan: The Musical - Fall 2023

Legacy Theater Takes to the Air

Disney’s Tarzan: The Musical  welcomes new theatrical techniques to the Legacy stage!

This beloved, coming-of-age story follows the journey of Tarzan, a shipwrecked orphan, raised by apes and faced with the life-altering dilemma of where he truly belongs – the “civilized” human world or the “wild” one that nurtured him. Featuring dazzling sets (compliments of the Children’s Theater Company), timeless music (by world-renowned composer, Phil Collins), and soaring aerial acrobatics, Legacy’s Tarzan not only sold out all seven performances, but dazzled its audience in the jungle as well!

Godspell: The Musical - Spring 2023

Legacy Redefines a Powerful Piece of Theatre

Godspell is an incredible and powerful retelling of the Gospel of Matthew.

Set in modern-day New York City, the musical follows a group of young men and women who hear the preaching of John the Baptist, forsake their jobs, and take up the mantle of Jesus Christ. Through song and dance, the disciples spread the message of Christ’s love throughout the city before His betrayal and crucifixion. Jesus’ message of kindness, sacrifice, and love come vibrantly to life in this unique performance where both the players and the audience experience the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever & What I See: A Nativity Reader's Theatre - Fall 2022

A Season of Reflection

Based on the novel by the same name, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

tells the story of the Herdmans: six rascally misfit siblings who volunteer to star in the annual Sunday school Christmas pageant. A well-known holiday comedy classic with a timely reminderof the true meaning of Christmas.

What I See: A Nativity Reader’s Theatre is an intimate, first-hand account from those closest to the nativity scene of Christ’s birth. Based on the biblical narrative, this original dramatization will be presented in a reader’s theatre format with musical accompaniment by LCA students and staff! Both performances will be presented as a Two-Act production with a brief intermission.

Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang: The Musical - Spring 2022

A  Celebration  of  Visual  Arts  at  LCA

The Visual Arts and Theatre Departments teamed up to bring the LCA community a K-12 student art show + musical theatre experience! The K-12 student art show showcased student artwork in the main level commons and surrounding areas of the school prior to and during the intermission of each musical performance!

Chitty Chitty, Bang Bang tells the story of the Potts family and their car. While truant from school, young siblings Jeremy and Jemima meet the beautiful Truly Scrumptious (Sally Ann Howes), who falls for their widowed father, Caractacus Potts (Dick Van Dyke), and his various oddball inventions, including the family’s noisy rebuilt car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. One day at the beach, Caractacus tells Truly and the children a fanciful fable about the villainous Baron Bomburst (Gert Frobe) and his evil designs on the Potts family car.

The Mousetrap - Fall 2021

Dessert Theatre DebutMousetrap Profile Image

Eight strangers find themselves snowed in at the drafty Monkswell Manor…unaware of their plight as a crazed murderer lurks among them! Will they piece together enough clues to single out the culprit before it’s too late? With a cast of 8 eccentric characters, this two-act whodunit will keep you guessing until the very end!

Accompanied by an ensemble cast of wait staff serving a full menu of desserts (catered by the regionally acclaimed Truffles and Tortes based in Anoka, Minnesota!) alongside a few scoops of Monkswell intel, this LCA fall production turned dessert theatre will surely be like none other!

Little Women: The Broadway Musical - Spring 2021

With Live Orchestra!

Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women: The Musical is a coming-of-age story chronicling the adventures of aspiring writer Jo March and her family as they face life’s everyday trials alongside the ongoing adversities of a nation at war. Set in the mid-19th century, this musical retelling of the well-known tale is woven together with charming humor, new and exciting characters, and a beautiful score that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of audience members of all ages!


You Can't Take It With You - Fall 2020

A zany, Pulitzer-Prize winning Broadway comedy about the clash of the social classes!

It’s 1930s, NYC. The humble Sycamore family lives life to the fullest; writing plays, raising snakes, crashing commencements, manufacturing fireworks from their basement. The Kirby’s are a wealthy family among New York City’s social elite. When Alice, the youngest and most ‘normal’ of the Sycamore family falls in love and is engaged to business heir, Tony Kirby Jr., neither she nor Tony can prepare for the chaos that ensues as the families meet unexpectedly for the first time.

Brimming with hilarious twists and unexpected turns, this comedic 3-act play shares with audiences an invaluable lesson in life, love, and the value of family.

Treasure Island - Fall 2019

A teenager finds a map leading to Dread Pirate Flint’s buried treasure, and is swept into an adventure on the high seas. Hawkins and his friends will have their courage tested against a band of deadly pirates who will stop at nothing to find Flint’s treasure.

Will young Hawkins do what is right? Even when the right thing is the hardest thing of all?  Sailing, swashbuckling, and swordplay abound in this coming-of-age tale of honesty and greed.   The voyage to Treasure Island is filled with adventure, intrigue, swordplay, and a few laughs along the way.

Hello Dolly! - Spring 2019

Hello, Dolly!, the blockbuster Broadway hit, bursts with humor, romance, high-energy dancing, & some of the greatest songs in musical theatre history. The romantic & comic exploits of Dolly Gallagher-Levi, turn of the century matchmaker, are certain to thrill & entertain audiences again & again.

The Frog Prince - Fall 2018

“The Frog Prince” is a hilarious tale adapted from The Brothers’ Grimm fairy tale called The King’s Daughter and the Enchanted Prince. It is about a princess who loves her golden ball. She meets a prince in the forest one day who is very arrogant and very self-absorbed. Because he is unkind, a hag turns him into a frog. The only way to free himself of his frog-ness is to be kind to the princess so that she will invite him back to her castle to be her companion for her birthday celebration.

The princess goes back to the forest and loses her golden ball. The Frog Prince ends up getting her golden ball back for her, and she reluctantly promises to let him join her birthday feast. Chaos and hilarity ensues when he shows up at the castle and his kindness shows that he is ready to become a prince again. But does he? Bring your family and friends for this wonderfully charming tale of how love prevails!

My Fair Lady - Spring 2018

My Fair Lady is a classic and beautiful musical about transformation for the whole family.  Acclaimed  professor and confirmed bachelor Henry Higgins makes a wager with his linguistic colleague Colonel Pickering that in six months he can pass off a common flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, as a duchess at an embassy ball. After working day and night to speak “properly,” Eliza transforms into a proper lady. Along the way, she enthralls those around her including Freddy, a high-society gentleman who falls in love with her, and a linguistics expert who is convinced that she is royalty. When the six months are over, she is too refined to go back to her old way of life, but doesn’t desire the life of leisure either. A strong bond has developed between her and Henry Higgins, but it’s one that neither of them wants to admit.

Because it is known for being both clever and romantic, it is one of the most beloved musicals of all time.

The Man Who Came to Dinner - Fall 2017

The story of The Man Who Came to Dinner is set in a small town in Ohio in December of 1940. A famous, outlandish radio wit, lecturer, theater, and literary critic named Sheridan Whiteside (based on the real-life personality Alexander Wollcott who was one of the most famous people of the 1920’s-1940’s) has been invited to dine at the home of the wealthy owner of a factory, Mr. Ernest Stanley and his family. However, before Whiteside enters the house, he slips on a patch of ice outside the front door and injures his hip. Whiteside intimidates the Stanleys with threats of legal prosecution, and they are forced to allow him to stay while he recovers. Whiteside proceeds to terrorize the Stanleys, taking over their home and interfering with almost every aspect of their lives. But Whiteside’s life is about to change for the worse when his secretary of 10 years, Maggie, falls in love with the local newspaper editor and threatens to resign. Distraught, Whiteside plots to break up the happy couple. Maggie figures out his evil scheme and comes up with a plot of her own. Meanwhile, the Stanley’s normally beautiful home is full of chaos, which includes:  an octopus, 4 penguins, a roach city, and an endless stream of visitors that are very entertaining! The ending does not disappoint with a twist that will leave you surprised and laughing!


Spring 2017 - Les Miserables

Winner of over 100 international awards and seen by over 65 million people worldwide,Les Misérables is an epic and uplifting story about the survival of the human spirit. Now adapted for high school performers, Les Misérables School Edition features one of the most memorable scores of all time and some of the most memorable characters to ever grace the  stage.

In nineteenth century France, Jean Valjean is released from years of unjust imprisonment, but finds nothing in store for him but mistrust and mistreatment. He breaks his parole in hopes of starting a new life, initiating a lifelong struggle for redemption as he is relentlessly pursued by police inspector Javert, who refuses to believe Valjean can change his ways. Finally, during the Paris student uprising of 1832, Javert must confront his ideals after Valjean spares his life and saves that of the student revolutionary who has captured the heart of Valjean’s adopted daughter.

Epic, grand, and uplifting, Les Misérables School Edition packs an emotional wallop that has thrilled audiences all over the world. The sung-through piece overflows with melodies that are already standards. This author-approved edition has been abridged to a running time of just over two hours, while carefully maintaining the integrity of one of the greatest musicals ever written.

Fall 2016 - The Screwtape Letters

Our LCA fall production 2016 was screwtape cast (1)C. S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, a Christian apologetic novel. With a cast and crew of 23, the stage version stays true to Lewis’ themes and purpose, but brings the action to life. Audiences were riveted as they watched the spiritual battle unfold onstage. This was one of Legacy’s most important productions!

While the novel is fictional in format, the plot and characters are used to address Christian theological issues, primarily those to do with temptation and resistance to it. First published in February 1942, the story takes the form of a series of letters from a senior Demon Screwtape to his nephew Wormwood, a Junior Tempter. The uncle’s mentorship pertains to the nephew’s responsibility in securing the damnation of a British man known only as “the Patient.” (Description source: Wikipedia)

Spring 2016 - The Sound of Music

This stage production, based on the incredible true story of the von Trapp family, comes to life with the music of Rodgers and Hammerstein. It is the story of a widowed naval captain and his seven children, who suddenly find their world turned upside down by Maria, a postulant nun who is sent to work as their governess. With the nation in a coming turmoil preceding the horrors of World War II, the von Trapp family finds hope and redemption in their courageous stand for goodness and truth, along with the powers of love and the sound of music.

It has been 50 years since this timeless classic came to film, and it came to the Legacy Christian Academy stage in the Spring of 2016.

Produced with special arrangement through Rogers and Hammerstein Theatricals.

Fall 2015 - Wuthering Heights

November 2015 – Legacy Christian Academy presents Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights!FA_Fall2015_Wuthering Heights Poster

The novel, one of the most famous works of world literature, was first published in 1847 under a pseudonym and is Emily Bronte’s only work. Wuthering Heights recounts the tale of ill-fated lovers on the lonely moors of northern England. Heathcliff and Catherine meet as children when Catherine’s father brings the abandoned boy home to live with them. The two grow up together, living freely on the moors while Catherine’s brother torments Heathcliff. When Catherine’s parents die, her brother turns Heathcliff out, forcing him to live among the servants. Catherine marries and the crushed Heathcliff disappears. Years later, a wealthy Heathcliff returns, but is it too late for them?

Our play version captures all the passion and revenge of this incredibly moving story. This is one of the most famous love stories ever told, and we know how to tell it.

Spring 2015 - Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time … that’s what the iconic song says from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The song refers to the fact that true love will always conquer all that is difficult; love is and always will be stronger; I am referring to the same idea. As Director of Legacy’s production of this magical show, I can honestly say there was much difficulty to overcome. Working with over 80 people to achieve one goal, one vision … that can be difficult. Working with designers to develop a set that could accommodate such a vision in a smaller theater space … that can be difficult. Training 57 young actors to sing, dance … and act to their highest abilities … that can be difficult.  Keeping enthusiasm high and motivation strong over 3 months of rehearsals … that can be difficult.

So how did I along with all the awesome actors and crew achieve success in spite of these difficulties? The answer: true love. A love for theater and performing, a love for a beautiful story full of God’s truth about forgiveness, a love and respect for each other, and most importantly a love for our God from whom all the blessings of this show flowed. That is what theater here at Legacy is all about … true love. As a result, over 1800 people were able to enjoy this production that was beautiful and timeless. As a result, all 6 shows were completely sold out with people waiting to see if tickets would be available. As a result, we were all moved and changed.

Thank you to our wonderful audiences. You have helped make our Theater Department a success. We look forward to seeing you at our future productions! (I’m hearing whispers of The Sound of Music in the Spring of 2016.)

Kristy Winkes, Director

Fall 2014 - Pride & Prejudice

The Advanced Drama class will present a delicious and hilarious stage adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen’s classic novel about love, passion, and the perils of courtship. Directed by Kristy Winkes, Legacy’s Theater Instructor, this production fully captures the spirit of the beloved book and is pure delightful, romantic fun. It comically transports audiences to Jane Austen’s world of desperate spinsters, determined bachelors, nosy neighbors, embarrassing relatives, and even a charming cad or two.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet are desperate. With no sons and their property entailed to the nearest male relative, they are determined to arrange profitable marriages for their five daughters. However, when two eligible young men arrive in the neighborhood, excitement, passion, and comedy ensue. The Bennet household is turned upside down as Elizabeth, the witty and willful Bennet daughter, falls in love with the disciplined, dashing Mr. Darcy. Nathan Colestock (junior) and Jillian Johnson (senior) lead this fabulous cast as Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Dakotah Brown and Cailey Nelson (seniors) steal the show as the hilarious Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Other cast members include: Jonnie Kraskey, Anna Cleveland, Nick Broden, Jadyn Nelson, Mikah Juelich, Jessica Thomas, Kendra Hubin, Ashley Andre, Josiah Shank, Jake Hoscheid, Tia Hageman, Christian Foy, Grant Colestock, Josh DuPay, Ben Johnson, Kaleb Hokkanen, Angie Witzman, Sophia Berkenpas, and Mackenzie Meyerson.

Fall 2013 - Hamlet

One of Shakespeare’s finest and most produced plays, Hamlet weaves a tale of intrigue, mystery, and revenge. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark, comes home from abroad to find his father, the king, dead, and his mother remarried to his uncle. He immediately suspects foul play and with his friend Horatio, embarks on a quest to find the truth and avenge his father’s death. This story is one that transcends time and speaks to all of us with the all-important universal theme that pervades all of Shakespeare’s work – finding truth and light in a duplicitous, deceitful, dark world.

Much preparation and training went into preparing for this play. The cast received special stage combat training from one of the best fight choreographers in the Twin Cities; they have studied the difficult Shakespearean language and translated it into modern language for our modern audiences.

This play was not to be missed. It was truly a beautiful reflection of what a great, creative artist our Lord is.