Legacy Parent Association


It is the vision of the Legacy Parent Association (LPA) for all parents to share their time, talents, and gifts to support and enrich the Legacy community.

It is the mission of the LPA to enrich the school experience for all families by enhancing our culture, strengthening our community, and bridging communication between home and school to the glory of God.

The LPA is designed to provide community-building events and assist the school in volunteer efforts.


Specific Committees and board roles are detailed below.  

LPA Committees

Each LPA committee is comprised of a chairperson and co-chair that work with LCA Administration to predetermine all events and activities. All LCA parents are invited and encouraged to participate on a committee. Without you and your God-given talents, our puzzle is not complete!  Each of you are an important “piece” of the LCA community.


The Appreciation Committee develops and coordinates events and activities to show appreciation of staff, parents, and volunteers.


The Fundraising Committee organizes and implements events and activities to raise money for LPA initiatives not covered by the school budget. For a full description of active fundraising activities click here.


The School Staging Committee serves to enhance the appearance inside our school and at the front entrance to welcome and inspire students, staff, and visitors.


The Social Events Committee organizes and coordinates social events and activities that foster school spirit and connect families with each other and staff.


The Spiritual Emphasis Committee strives to enrich the spiritual atmosphere of LCA by partnering with parents to identify resources and create opportunities to help disciple and inspire their children toward Christ-likeness, and by strengthening the Legacy community through prayers for our school, students, and staff.