In 6th grade, Legacy partners with our local Pizza Ranch to provide a unique school-to-work opportunity. All 6th grade students learn hands-on about business, resume writing, and interviewing. This partnership will involve the following:

  • Learning about a business and how it is run
  • Learning the proper steps in the job application process
  • Creating a professional portfolio by obtaining a letter of recommendation and writing a resume and cover letter

Students’ resumes will include the following:

  • Goals
  • EducationPizza Ranch Logo
  • Activities/Interests
  • Responsibilities
  • Achievements
  • Applying for a position online
  • Writing several invitations and thank you letters
  • Dressing and acting professionally
  • Participating in a formal interview

When these steps have been completed, students will be ‘hired’ and trained for their positions. They will work at Pizza Ranch each Spring. The restaurant will be open to the public while the students are working. Each student works a lunch shift at various positions including server, dish washer, point of sale system worker, greeter, and other various positions.

This opportunity allows students to see potential in owning a business, the work it takes to run a business, and how to glorify the Lord in all we do.