As a school we teach and make decisions based on what is best for student-learning and student growth. This is not to say that students are the center off all things, make the rules, or set the goals. However, teachers and staff are called to work at Legacy to serve the students and help them grow. We value students, trust them, and give them opportunities to lead. However we will also hold them accountable when they don’t follow the school’s standards. The way we hold students accountable will uphold their dignity, show them respect and reveal that we want what is best for them. We seek to listen to our students so we can learn what is working, what can be improved, and have shared ownership as a result. We give students permission to create, innovate, dream, and lead now. Though this may lead to imperfect results, it will allow us to capitalize on opportunities for growth and learning. We celebrate successes and believe in having fun as we experience the joy God intended for learning and discipleship.

LCA Student Model


A Legacy graduate will understand that life is about glorifying God by knowing and loving Him. Students will be challenged to hear God’s call, to live in relationship with Christ, and to center one’s life on His Lordship. The nondenominational community will balance truth and grace with the understanding that students are in different places on their spiritual journey. Legacy will be a safe, non-judgmental environment where students can ask faith questions and struggle with spiritual truths in the process of making their faith in Christ real and alive.


A Legacy graduate will understand his/her uniqueness as a child of God. This understanding is a healthy and important first step in the lifelong journey of emotional awareness. A Christian understanding of what defines a fulfilling and joy-filled life highlights the insignificance of worldly success markers. A healthy, reflective knowledge of oneself leads to an acceptance of others and their differences and a positive ability to collaborate and learn in community.


A Legacy graduate will understand that as Christians we are called to live in community and to serve others. This understanding begins through modeling care and concern for all members of our Legacy community and emanates to the community at large. An education program rooted in biblical principles of respect and responsibility develops a joy of service and a commitment to caring for all of God’s creation. We are Christ’s hands in this world.


A Legacy graduate will have a strong academic skill base to pursue their unique God-given purpose. An active learning approach found at all instructional levels will create learners who understand that knowledge is more than test scores and grades. An ownership of learning, a curiosity to understand and discover, an ability to ask good questions and search for answers, and the confidence and skills necessary to express oneself in writing, speaking and presentation media will open up a world of post-secondary opportunities for the graduate.


A Legacy graduate will know that the body is the temple of God, a true gift to be understood and cared for. The goal is to equip students with the understanding of the importance and joy of physical fitness, competition, teamwork, healthy choices, and proper nutrition combined with the discipline to align one’s lifestyle with this understanding.