Legacy Christian Academy exists to equip the mind and disciple the heart of each student for Christ-like living.

Core Values:

Legacy seeks to fulfill its mission of equipping the mind and discipling the heart of each student for Christ-like living by focusing on our core values:

  • Christ-centered – It is our ultimate goal that students will know and love God, think biblically about all subjects, and understand that ultimate joy is found in living for the glory of God. We are committed to making decisions that glorify God, elevate Christ, and teach students truth through a biblical worldview.
  • Academically Excellent – We are committed to having high-caliber teachers who challenge, prepare, and engage students in learning. Students are supported while being held to high academic expectations that lead to high academic performance, satisfaction, and future success.
  • Student Focused – As a school, we teach and make decisions based on what is best for student learning and student growth. Legacy staff are called to work at Legacy to serve the students and help them grow.
  • Strong Relationships – It is our desire that students thrive in their relationship with Christ, parents, peers, and staff. We believe that staff-student relationships are key to educational and life success. As a result, our teachers instruct, encourage, mentor, nurture, and invest in students to help them grow.
  • Partnering with Parents – Legacy recognizes and values the God-given role of parents. As a result, Legacy is working with parents to educate the whole child by instilling Christian values to help children effectively live life and engage the world.