After 1 week of preparation and 1 week of LIVE! learning, Legacy teachers and administrators deem their first go at distance learning a success and are ready to tackle week #2! Huge shoutout to our Legacy families for engaging with us through various digital mediums all week and encouraging each other. As many have struggled to adjust to this new temporary normal, Legacy families seem to have adapted with relative ease! We appreciate everyone who sent in feedback so we can continue to make the experience amazing for our families!

Here’s a quick look back over our first week:

Day 1: High School Principal, Dr. Lohse, shared these sentiments with her staff at the conclusion of the first day of distance learning, “The students had a great day. Teachers hung out with kids on Zoom before class, students ate lunch together, and as teachers, I’ve loved looking at your Google Classrooms, watching you make classes your own through notes, questions, and challenges. The band is back together, and I couldn’t be more proud or happier with what has been accomplished.” 

Day 2: Elementary Principal, Mr. Nydam indicated, “It has been wonderful joining into online classrooms and seeing the relationships that the teachers and students have with one another. We are so blessed to have this awesome community during this time.” Sixth grader Nathaniel added, “What I like most about distance learning is that our teachers are live and we can spend time with our classmates online.” 

Day 3: Head of School Mr. Muvlihill shared, “The feedback that I heard the last two days has been nothing but overwhelming thankfulness for our distance learning setup and amazement at who our teachers are and what you (teachers) do for children.” A Legacy parent was compelled to share these words with us, “I overheard Mr. Anderson teaching economics yesterday and it made my heart smile. Our teachers have such a unique connection with our students. You can sense it even over a Zoom session. The class genuinely sounded like they were having fun and he was making them think about the topic at hand.”

Day 4: As the week carried on Mr. Manske and Mrs. Fregeau enjoyed video shares of students completing PE workouts with their families and Mrs. Luhring received new jokes like this one, “How do you make a tissue dance?” Wait for it … “Put a ‘boogie’ in it!” from her 3rd graders during morning meetings.

Day 5: Community Fridays kicked off with live fitness classes on Zoom coordinated by Athletic Director, Mr. Bellefeuille followed by YouTube chapels and worship opportunities with Mr. Keefe, Student Life Director. Elementary Chapel had 234 views, while Middle School/High School Chapel had 410 views! Senior Worship leader Lauren shared these words about her role in Friday’s chapel, “I feel so blessed to continue to worship with my school even when we can’t be with each other physically.” 

We’ve heard a lot on the news and social media about how tough of a transition this is and how we are all being asked to do the impossible, but folks, with God all things are possible and this community is proof of that! Spanish teacher Mrs. Oberg summed it up best, “I am so impressed with the quality of our students. They are navigating the new, along with us teachers, and are cooperating, clarifying, and ENCOURAGING each other and me as we try so many new things all at once. Legacy students are the very best.” 

Let’s continue to go the distance together, navigating our new normal while still equipping the mind and discipling the heart of each student for Christ-like living!

Learn more about how Legacy is going the distance by visiting our Distance Learning page or our Community Fridays page.