Job Application: PreK Coordinator

Application form for the PreK Coordinator position.

  • Briefly share your personal Christian testimony and how you came to know Jesus Christ.
  • Briefly explain the authority the Bible has in the world and in your life.
  • Share your church involvement including memberships, attendance practice, and the ways you have served within your church community.
  • Describe your regular methods of personal, spiritual growth.
  • How would you define a biblical worldview? How does a biblical worldview influence how a Christian today deals with the cultural, social, and political landscape?
  • Describe your understanding of man's basic nature and the basis for salvation. What are your beliefs based on?
  • What do you believe Scripture teaches about Creation/Evolution?
  • What do you believe Scripture teaches about the role of the parents in educating children and how would you partner with them?
  • What do you believe Scripture teaches about marriage?
  • Describe how you engage with the topic of gender identity. Briefly, what are your personal views on this issue?
  • Describe what your philosophy of PreK, Christian education is and what motivates you to work at a Christian school?
  • Describe your leadership style and how you work with a team.
  • What skills, abilities, and strengths do you possess that make you an effective leader?
  • What evidence exists that suggests that you motivate and inspire those you teach and lead?
  • What parts of your past administrator roles have energized you and what parts have not?
  • Describe your personality and how you build relationships with others.
  • Describe your personal style of instruction and what personal strengths you use in classroom teaching.
  • State what you consider to be the most important function of a Christian Preschool and key characteristics of success.
  • Describe the key components of a quality PreK program.
  • What is your philosophy of discipline? When dealing with a discipline problem with a student, what is your major concern?
  • Describe any formal Bible/theology training or informal (church/home) Bible training you have had.
  • What other skills, interests, and competencies could you bring to this position (extra-curricular, coaching/mentoring, etc.)?
  • Please check all statements to indicate your agreement.
  • Please attach your Resume and References.
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