We are most like Jesus when we serve like Jesus. The holiday season is a special time to serve and shine the light of Jesus. We know our students are serving in many ways big and small this Christmas, but we are especially excited to share the kindergarten tradition of supporting a Haitian child for one calendar year.

The goal was $420 ($35 a month) to support young Wilguens (Will). The class began their challenge with a commitment to praying for Will and writing letters to him. The kinders were so excited each day to bring in their financial gifts that they earned through extra chores, talking to family and friends about donating, and giving of their own savings.

It’s with great excitement that we share with you that they exceeded their goal! Together, Legacy’s two kindergarten classes raised $731.  With that total, they will be able to support Will for a total of 21 months – almost two whole years!

A big thank you to all the students, parents, and grandparents that donated to our Christmas Caring Project. Our students are becoming the hands and feet of Jesus and witnessing what God has done through them for Wilguens. A true Christmas blessing.