February is our month to celebrate the gift of reading and to challenge students (and parents) to read above and beyond their normal reading amounts. This year, the K-4th students were challenged to collectively read 80,000 minutes during the month of February. If successful, Mr. Nydam and Mr. Mulvihill agreed to spend the night camping out on the roof of the school.

Guess what? THEY MADE IT!

The students reached the goal and blew past it, accumulating 101,207 minutes of reading! That’s equal to:
1686 Hours
70 Days
10 Weeks
2 1/2 Months

To honor this accomplishment, here is the plan for the roof-top camping celebration, TONIGHT, February, 28th:


The first live stream from Legacy’s YouTube channel (Legacy_MN) will be around 1:00pm as Mr. Nydam and Mr. Mulvihill set up the tent to get ready for the evening. Subscribe to get notifications and use YouTube’s Live Chat during the event.

7:00PM LIVE STREAM of event begins

Throughout the evening we hope to be engaged with our school community through the LIVE STREAM and IN-PERSON. For those wanting to brave the cold, there will be a bell set out for you to ring to get their attention. They’ll pop out of their tent at the chime of the bell and lower bucket for you to send up notes or fun items to keep them entertained, hydrated, warm etc!

7:10PM – Mr. Nydam vs Mr. Mulvihill in Bean Boozled

7:30PM – Dad Jokes contest

7:45PM – Marshmallow Game

8:00PM – Various games

8:30PM – Family Devotional

9:00PM – Sign off for the night


Friday, March 1st – The Fun Continues…

7:00AM – 7:40AM – Mr. Nydam and Mr. Mulvihill welcome students to school from the roof

11:30AM – 12:30PM – 5th Grade Wax Museum in the Sports Center Lobby

12:30PM –  Guest Author

1:00PM – 2:10PM – Elementary Reading Fair

The K-4th grade students will have their reading book fair projects on display in their classrooms as a culmination of Reading Month.