Allowing and promoting opportunities for students to be creative is a focus at Legacy Christian Academy!  In Ms. Bock’s fifth grade, the students had a great opportunity to partner with and teach Mrs. Anderson’s preschool students about construction zones and the importance of these areas.  At the beginning of the week, fifth graders used slideshow presentations and posters to explain different aspects of a construction zone including: workers, tools, vehicles and equipment. The fifth graders and preschool students then created prototypes of the zones using materials from home, including paper tubes, paper towel tubes, boxes, cotton balls, tape, popsicle sticks, buttons, random art supplies, and more. Finally, the PreK classroom was turned into a construction zone for the prototypes to come to life.

The fifth grade students were able to use technology to create presentations that included math principles of costs, area and dimensions, and volume.  They were also able to present to the preschool students and discover their love for public speaking and teaching. As demonstrated in the pictures attached, art was included in the design of posters and ultimately the construction zones themselves. Both Ms. Bock and Mrs. Anderson were filled with joy as they listened to students share ideas, collaborate together, and then come up with a plan and a solution to fulfill their plan. It is amazing what students come up with all on their own given basic household supplies!

As a fun bonus, Mr. Mulvihill and Kinghorn Construction allowed the students to wear hard hat construction helmets to encourage their creative spirits!  Thank you to the parents and school friends who made this project possible.