We are excited to announce that Mrs. Albinson’s Fifth Grade Slime sold out for the third year running!  Just like so many small businesses, this year’s 2021 Legacy Slime entrepreneurs had to adjust to the many challenges caused by COVID-19. With the help of Legacy parent Dan Albinson, an e-Commerce website was created to allow for contactless ordering. The website showcased 8 slime varieties, sold at $2 each, and tracked the stock in real-time to make sure the business did not over-sell their inventory.

Part of the business entrepreneurship process is to engage in discussion about the experience. They broke down one-time expenses vs long-term production expenses to evaluate sustainability. They recognized the value of the donated items like paper, ink, space, website, etc. that would need to be budgeted for if the business continued outside of the classroom environment. When it was all said and done, the class was able to celebrate selling 493 cups of slime in just under 26 hours, grossing $986. The class is currently praying over their net profit of $367 for God to direct their giving. We invite you to join us in praying with the fifth grade class as they patiently listen for God to move their heart towards a cause that can most benefit from their donation. Thank you to Albi Systems for donating the e-commerce site and the Legacy Community for supporting these budding entrepreneurs!

So how did it really go? Here are a few reflections from the fifth graders themselves.

This was my first year at LCA. I thought that I would not make any friends or maybe nobody would like me, but I was wrong. When we did Legacy slime sale I found myself working in a group with two other classmates working with them laughing together. And we did really good too! I was surprised that I would actually have FUN here and make relationships with other classmates. Legacy is amazing, Thank You LCA! – Andrew

Making slime is fun and rewarding.  – Ava

What I learned about the slime business is that it’s stressful sometimes, so you just have to try. – Caleb

I learned how to take on a business and all of the steps to start a business. – Charlee

I think that doing this helps so many people learn.  We made a lot of people happy and cheerful. -Cody

I think what I learned most about making slime for Legacy is that you should not rush yourself, if you get stressed out-breathe and pray to God because God is by your side the whole time cheering you on and He knows that you can do it. – Gigi

I learned that you should always be prepared because you never know what will happen. For example, when we were putting together the slime orders we were out of one color, but we saved three extras of each color so we had enough. Overall I think our slime business was successful. – Sarah