Legacy Athletics is delighted to announce that Phillip Van Gorp has been selected as the next head coach for the Lions Track and Field program. Van Gorp, alongside assistant coaches Dave Johnson, Rebecca Sultany, Sarah Vance, and Jeff Davie, is eager to bring his coaching and ministry skills to our athletes.

Throughout the application and interview process, Van Gorp’s interest in integrating faith and athletics was evident. He shared, “I have been a coach in the past but have been very busy in my career which has not allowed me to coach [recently]. I feel I am at that point where I can get back to serving youth by coaching them not only in track but also in life. Coaching in the public school system in the past has allowed me to be a coach of faith, but quietly…I feel Legacy will allow me to coach much more from faith-based principles.”

Van Gorp’s own track and field participation included being an athlete at Montevideo High School, Morningside College (Sioux City, Iowa), and North Central Bible College (Minneapolis). After participating as an athlete, Van Gorp gained coaching experiences at Montevideo High School, North Saint Paul High School, and the Andover Track Association.

The Legacy family and community are personal to Van Gorp, as his kids (Grace, grade 9; David, grade 6; and Andrew, grade 3) now attend Legacy. Outside of his coaching and family responsibilities, Van Gorp shares, “I have built two businesses with faith, trust, and continued prayer to my heavenly Father who has blessed me more than I can imagine.” Those faith foundations were laid at an early age, eventually leading the family to Eagle Brook Church and several related ministries. With additional backgrounds in business management and youth ministry, Legacy Athletics is eager to see Legacy’s mission of equipping minds and discipling hearts advanced under his leadership.

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