Legacy Loves to Read month brought so much excitement and energy to our K-4 students.

They started with a 120,000 minute goal from Mr. Mulvihill and Mr. Nydam. Should the students achieve the goal, they would be rewarded with taping these two administrators to the wall! Fast-forward to the end of the month and we are celebrating 181,000 minutes read; an average of 800 minutes per student!

We are so proud of the work the students did this month.  Thank you for helping guide your child(ren) in reading books and specifically, God’s Word, more each day.

Below are some of the highlights of our Legacy Loves to Read month.

  1. Elementary teachers traveled to different classrooms sharing their favorite stories with students.
  2. Throughout the month, recorded stories read by Legacy faculty and staff were shared with the students.
  3. Local ministry leaders shared about favorite stories and experiences of kindness in chapel.
  4. Students played book bingo with Mr. Nydam and the entire elementary student body through Zoom. Every student had the opportunity to pick a book from the 275 donated!
  5. Author Aaron Zenz, The Hiccupotamus, made a video of how he came up with the idea for the book, made the book, and illustrated the pictures.  He then showed all the students how to draw the Hiccupotamus!
  6. Dr. Seuss dress-up days, flashlight reading, family reading posters and of course…
  7. Taping Mr. Mulvihill and Mr. Nydam to the wall!