Our students read a total of

246,637 MINUTES!

The goal was to read 165,000 minutes in the month of February, and our elementary students flew by this goal after only a few weeks!

Mr. Nydam and Mr. Mulvihill committed to sleeping on the roof if the students achieved their goal, and the additional minutes earned students the opportunity to join the two for a section of their livestream.

The chilly evening started with the perfect snowfall, and Mr. Nydam and Mr. Mulvihill settled into their tent for a night of ridiculous games and fun. Bamboozled and Dad Jokes were the opening act of the livestream that had 550 views by the end of the night. Mr. Mulvihill took down Stink Bug and Dead Fish within the first ten minutes of the night.

The two then shifted to playing classic board games: Jenga, Candyland, and Memory. Losers had to partake in a surprise. Once again, Mr. Mulvihill earned himself three crickets (to eat) and a shiny pair of new specs for his face drawn by Mr. Nydam.

They ate baby food and performed Operation. Mr. Nydam also stuffed his mouth with Peeps for the duration of Yahtzee.

Then, a few students climbed up to the roof and joined the pair for a devotional from Big Truths for Little Kids. After a little reflection and prayer, the group left the tent for a few more memorable activities. 

The kids launched oreos down a ramp into ketchup, lime juice, BBQ sauce, milk, Chick-fil-A sauce, and hot sauce. After an evening of crickets, Mr. Mulvihill was thrilled that his oreo rolled right into the milk. But the oreos found their way into a few other unpleasant sauces as well during the game. 

The final words of the night from the two campers included a heart of appreciation for the Legacy community and our students: “Great job, students! So proud of you! Keep being readers because readers are leaders, and leaders are readers.”