In the season of pumpkins, all of our 1st grade classes threw pumpkin parties with a host of pumpkin related activities.

In rotating stations, students learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and what a pumpkin needs to grow. They even labeled the parts of a pumpkin.

They performed experiments: mixing hydrogen peroxide and yeast inside of a pumpkin and seeing if a pumpkin floats or sinks in water (It floats!). They also measured the pumpkin by weight and height, and counted all of the seeds inside of a pumpkin (Over 600!). 

Students listened to a pumpkin story and then charted the story’s key details, and they made a pumpkin pie treat for snack!

So much orange! There is no question that this was a morning of authentic learning, hands on experiences, and parent volunteers helping our students grow and explore!