Legacy Athletics is committed to developing programs of excellence. We are excited to share that starting the 2024-2025 school year we will have a full-time Strength & Conditioning staff member working with our students in the classroom during the school day in addition to their after school responsibilities. Our new middle and high school elective, Peak Performance, will provide performance training to help athletes gain strength, speed, agility, and mobility while instructing on best practices in the weight room as well as injury prevention strategies. We are excited to announce that Alec Boldt has been hired to lead this program and will begin serving our athletes during summer performance training starting June 4.

“Alec immediately impressed our interview committee with his obvious passion for pursuing the Lord in all aspects of his life. He talked about his experience working for Fellowship of Christian Athletes running youth camps, discipling student athletes, and serving on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic, and he showed a heart that reflects Legacy’s mission statement. He is going to be an excellent mentor for our students with his high energy, expertise in performance training, and heart for Jesus,” says Athletic Director, Nathan Bellefeuille. Alec’s experience running the Cornell College performance training is going to bring a college-level caliber to our weight training programs. He understands what the necessary steps are at each age level to get athletes to perform their best and in a safe manner. We believe Alec is going to be exactly what we are looking for to increase consistent participation in the weight room, and it is going to change the trajectory of our success in our respective programs. There are not many schools in the state who have a dedicated staff member instructing performance training full time, and this addition sets us apart from other programs. If athletes commit to this program, we are going to see success we haven’t had before in all of our programs. Not only that, but we will be developing lifelong habits in our students to have a healthy nutrition plan, adopt great sleeping habits, and develop consistency in their fitness.

Alec is a graduate from Cornell College where he was an honors student in the Kinesiology program while also participating in the baseball program. “I am so excited to be a part of the Legacy community and share my love for Jesus through a big passion of mine in strength and conditioning,” shares Coach Boldt. “I am excited to share what I have learned through my experience with the Strength and Conditioning program at Cornell and to put into practice what I have learned through my research.” 

“I think it is important for students to know why they are doing what is being asked of them so they believe in what they are doing and understand why the workout is structured the way it is. Not only will this help students, but they will also have a life-long skill of being able to create workouts for themselves and wisely make decisions about fitness. I want to make sure my classroom is a place where students can have fun, where students work hard, and know that fitness is a good gift from God that is to be enjoyed.”

Alec achieved the 2024 Ray and Margaret Cook Award for Outstanding Student in Exercise Science, the 2024 Paul Maaske Scholar Athlete, and served in internships with Cornell College Strength and Conditioning, Ability Physical Therapy, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He will be getting married to his fiance, Kaiya Luneckas, in July. Kaiya was a member of the Tulsa University softball program and will be working for Salt Ministries at Redemption Church in Minneapolis.