Bricks at Work, was started by alumnus Kenn McLeod ’15 as his Junior Year Capstone Project. From that Capstone Project Kenn was able to found and direct The Brick Depot, now a non-profit ministry of Anoka Community Mission, for two years before taking his passion on the road with the Bricks at Work after-school program now offered at LCA.

This after-school building block program was established to provide an opportunity for students to experience the confidence and creativity that engineering provides. Kenn felt a personal blessing to have had building blocks as a central part of his childhood and used that blessing to reach out into the community to do something to share the Light of Jesus.

Bricks at Work focuses on the many uses of LEGO products and how they can apply to many areas of life, such as engineering principles, mathematics, following instructions, working with others, and using your own imagination.

Kenn makes a point to “spice up” his sessions with a personal demonstration or activity whenever he can. He takes his experience and personal LEGO collection to demonstrate LEGO robotics, Technic, Pneumatics, electronics, gearing, or model design. He then turns this into an interactive experience for students to learn the principles being demonstrated. Classes end with LEGO Board Games, where Kenn engages with the students in the gameplay, helping to regulate and teach cooperation and strategy among them.

The core of the curriculum is LEGO Creator Three-in-One kits; kits that range from structure to complex creature design, and have the bricks and instructions to be built three different ways. Bricks at Work has a vast variety of these kits, allowing students to always have something new and more difficult to build.

“I am very blessed to be returning to Legacy Christian Academy, teaching students STEM based principles through LEGO filled fun!” Kenn McLeod ’15