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3rd Grade - History

3rd Grade History Day & Reading Achievement

The third grade students at LCA enjoyed sharing their learning during our History Day. Nurture House students and parents were invited into … Read More

3rd Graders - Christmas

3rd Graders Support Sango

Our 3rd grade class has been raising money to support Sango, an orphan, for a full year. Through finding jobs around the house, hard work and … Read More

Holocaust Survivor Talks to 7th & 8th Graders

  Seventh and eighth grade students had the unique opportunity to hear from a Holocaust survivor just before Christmas break. Anita … Read More

Egg Drop 3

Honors Physics – Egg Drop

The Honors Physics/Engineering class has been studying momentum, impulse and collisions. In a recent lab assignment they were challenged to … Read More

Kindergarten visit #1

Special Visitors in Kindergarten

Jerry and Suzy Purtny aka Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Suzy┬ácame to visit Mrs. McLaughlin's Kindergarten class. They told us a story called, … Read More

scream girls

Family Bingo Night Fun!

Check out the pictures from Family Bingo Night 2014 … Read More


Art Class “Spiffs Up” Hallway

The 2D Design Art students have been planning, designing, and painting the new mural in the 5th and 6th grade hallway, focusing on the … Read More

History Game

3rd Grade Makes “History Games”

The third grade students in Mrs. Beyers' class enjoyed showing their learning by creating their own History Game. We have been learning about … Read More

Homecoming Week – January 26-31, 2015

Homecoming Week – January 26-31, 2015

Sports Registration

Sports Registration