Legacy stands where it is now because of the faith, prayers, and support of others who envisioned what a Christian school committed to equipping the minds and to discipling the hearts of students for Christ-like living could mean to this community.

As a result, over 5,000 students have been given the opportunity to be educated within a biblical worldview, to see life rather than death, to feel hope rather than despair, to learn truth rather than lies, to discover how to be wise rather than foolish, to be loved rather than shunned, and to grow in Christ-like character rather than self-exaltation as they are prepared for their next step in life.


  • 1976 – Meadow Creek Christian School (MCCS) was founded as a ministry of Meadow Creek Church by Pastor Charles Shepson. Shepson had a vision to partner with parents to educate children within a biblical worldview and began teaching the hearts and minds of 100 students with a staff of 6. Mr. John Delich was called to be  the first administrator.
  • 1980 – MCCS first graduating class!
  • 1988 – The new educational wing was added with 14 additional classrooms and a new science lab.
  • 1989 – MCCS became accredited through Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
  • 1990 – New athletic fields at the north end of the campus: 1 baseball diamond, 2 softball diamonds, and 1 soccer field.
  • 1995 – The Meadow Creek Sports Center was built.
  • 2010 – Meadow Creek Christian School name was changed  to Legacy Christian Academy. Although the name changed, the mission has remained the same.
  • 2013 – The standing stones were added as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, sovereignty, salvation, and provision to our school.
  • 2017 – A new five-year Strategic Plan with six initiatives was adopted by the School Board.

Legacy stands poised for even greater things in the days ahead because of God’s faithfulness and the countless prayers, sacrifices, and commitments of faithful men and women who have lived out the mission of Legacy for its first forty years.

Today Legacy is building upon its foundation of Christ and His Word as we invest in, believe in, challenge, educate, and pray for our students. We continue to live out our mission by helping students be equipped academically, nurtured spiritually, and prepared to enter the battlefield of culture and positively influence others.

Every day, Legacy staff gets to partner with parents and the Holy Spirit to provide experiences for students to become biblically grounded, disciples of Christ; God-glorifying, Spirit-led worshippers; intellectually prepared, accomplished learners; morally disciplined, students of character; and faithful and courageous servant leaders.

For years, Legacy has flourished under God’s blessing within its current facility. Today’s growing enrollment, limited learning space, the need for program expansion, and a lack of gathering spaces for building community create an urgent need for expanding LCA‘s existing facilities.

Current Challenges

  • Facility restriction
  • Rapid enrollment growth
  • Waiting lists
  • Limited learning spaces
  • Lack of community gathering spaces

“The current facility is limiting opportunities for innovation and imagination. Creative learning spaces are crucial for maximizing a student’s full potential as it relates to inspiration, learning, and discovery.”

Dr. Shawn Lohse, 7-12th Grade Principal


Legacy has accomplished life-transforming results academically, spiritually, socially, and physically in dated facilities largely because of the remarkable commitment of an amazing faculty and staff. For years, Legacy has flourished despite its facilities and God has blessed those efforts. However, for Legacy to accomplish its mission in the best way possible, to accommodate the needs of enrollment growth, and to meet the educational and developmental needs of students in today’s world, it must add to and must remodel its current facility.

Legacy lost four classrooms when the portables came down in 2017. Not only must Legacy replace these four classrooms, but we also must create modern and adequate learning spaces for our students. A new facility will allow us in the future to better meet the learning and developmental needs of our students, to be more marketable for enrollment growth, and to remodel other areas of the building in the future.

The Building Plans

IMAGINE the difference you can make

  1. GIVE A CASH GIFT – A gift of cash remains the simplest way to contribute to LCA. It can be put to work for the school right away and can provide tax benefits to the donor. You may make a secure gift online or mail your gift to LCA.
  2. GIVE A 3-YEAR COMMITMENT – Some may choose to make a large single gift to this effort; others may choose a payment schedule which will allow them over time to extend the limits of their generosity and commitment. The gifts can be made in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual installments.
  3. GIVE A GIFT OF ASSETS – There are distinct tax advantages to donating appreciated publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. You may be entitled to a charitable tax deduction equal to the market value on the day of the gift.
  4. GIVE A GIFT IN KIND – If you own a business or have skills that can assist LCA in the building process, you may be able to donate to the school and to possibly benefit from some tax advantages through your gifts while lowering the overall cost of our project.


Please do not hesitate to contact Sue Happ in the LCA Advancement Office to address questions you may have about the campaign, how funds will be used, or ways of giving to the campaign.