As soon as they were aware of the low supply and need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Legacy parents Kerry and Jenna Eldstrom went to work to see how they could help. As the owners of Upscale Design, a screen print and custom embroidery apparel company, they had 3 goals:  to keep their team employed, to get face shields in the hands of the frontline employees, and provide an avenue for others looking to make a difference during this time. Using a 3D printer and in-house laser machine, they discovered they could create face shields.

A few weeks later, God provided the funds and contacts to purchase a total of 13 printers, enabling the company to produce and donate hundreds of shields and get them in the hands of those on the frontlines at no cost. Upscale Design also partnered with a company in Texas to print ventilator splitters, which were shipped to New York. They produced an average of 40 splitters a day.